Weekend at Awanmulan

31st August 2012, Friday

Since it’s a long weekend, we decided to visit Awanmulan, just to relax, swim, read, sleep, etc. When we booked, we totally forgotten that it’s the seventh month of the Lunar Calendar! Haha! My house was too busy cooking up a feast but this year, I didn’t spend time cooking with them, except, I made some scones and broccoli casserole as offering to the ancestors. My family was joking, this is the first time, ancestors will be having western food, not sure if they know how to eat it or not! That was hilarious!

My deliciously looking broccoli casserole!

To cut the long story short, here are some of the photos taken. It was a good, short getaway, just about 2 hours away from KL. Awanmulan is not open to public. You have to be a patron to visit, so you can book your accommodation here. Both Uncle Tang and Auntie Anne are gracious hosts, we would definitely be visiting again!

Our view from the room

View of our chalet, with adjacent units

Purple lalangs!

Mr Toad

Sunset from the swimming pool deck

Sunset from the swimming pool

The very full moon!

Another shot of the moon with clouds

Yummy breakfast!

Sailor Boy relaxing on hammock

Misty after the afternoon rain

8 thoughts on “Weekend at Awanmulan

  1. wow, NS seems to have a lot of such places to go and relax… looks like a great getaway! will see if i can slot this in the next time i’m back🙂

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