Birthday Note For Ern Ern

15th September 2012, Saturday

Today is your 2nd birthday. It has been a great two years watching you growing up to be a healthy and happy toddler. Yi Yi is very happy that you managed to pull the cleft surgery with flying colors! You have been a brave little girl. I am sure in your infant’s mind, you wouldn’t understand why did we subject you to such tremendous pain. You were born with cleft palate, thankfully, it was a minor case. When you were still in your mother’s womb, we received news of anomaly that had all of us in the house crying and praying for the betterment. Doctor said, they suspect anomaly on your part, perhaps you might have Down’s Syndrome since the probability of your mother’s blood test came back to be highly risked. We were surprised because your mother was still fairly young and we didn’t have such genes in our family. Your mother couldn’t sleep for a week, while waiting for further blood and DNA tests. We prayed, cried and having endless sleepless nights since we got the news. I thanked God that you turned out to be fine, with a minor cleft palate. We didn’t know you have cleft palate till you cried your lungs out on your second day on earth during check-up and the doctor saw the hole in your upper palate. Of course, tears were shed but somehow, we thanked God that it was not major!

You tend to exhibit extraordinary concentration for a toddler your age. I was really surprised with your vast vocabulary (I was still in shock when you told us “Lizard behind the door!” when I was having a haircut! And you said “Pinnochio” yesterday when I asked you what show you want to watch! I don’t even know there’s a Pinnochio DVD on the shelf so we settled with your favorite Dora!) and you seem to understand what is going on. We can’t even speak hokkien in front of you now! Whenever we want to take you for your afternoon nap, you would be protesting violently and insist to do something else more productive. I wish you would be this eager as you grow older. You know your Yi Yi, sleep is always number one. Haha. You have become alert and would demand to play or go out whenever you see us dressing up, and insisted on going out with us. You know, you can’t even sit still in the baby seat in the car, how to even take you out on my own?

It’s a joy to be with you.. at times. I do hope, you would snap out of your “hitting” phase now. From baby center (yes, which I read occasionally to pick up some tips on how to handle you!), it seems you don’t know what is wrong or right now and you would hit or throw a fit, to get attention. I pity your dad whom you bullied to the max because he is just too lenient towards you. And stop running around when your Ah Mah is feeding you food! You would only sit still when Yi Po is feeding you but not Ah Mah because you know, you can act on whim and fancy with your Ah Mah. And please don’t be so greedy and swallow your food without chewing!

With your vast vocabulary, I just wish that you would be able to tell us if you want to take a dump. Hey? If you can remember so many words in such a short time span, am sure it’s much easier for you to say “Poo Poo” to us when you want to poop, right?

Ok ok.. Yi Yi is ranting here. All Yi Yi wants to say to you is, I love you very much. So much that you can’t even imagine how deep is my love towards you. I hope and pray that you would grow up to be a level headed, down to earth, smart and most of all healthy, girl. And also, I hope you know everybody in your family love you very much and would do anything in the world for you, and you would learn to appreciate them, try not to talk back so much and give us heartaches (I know! I should save this for you when you turn into a rebellious teenager. Lol!) and learn to be filial – that’s a quality that the current generation lacks.

By the way, Yi Yi is very sorry that Yi Yi couldn’t attend your birthday party as Yi Yi will be going to Bali to attend a good friend’s wedding. I know, I know! Yi Yi totally forgotten about your birthday till Yi Yi agreed to go to the wedding and bought air ticket! But, Yi Yi will be making you a carrot cake for your birthday and also scones for your party friends and hope you will enjoy yourself on your birthday.

Happy 2nd birthday, my little rascal.

7 thoughts on “Birthday Note For Ern Ern

  1. Happy Birthday Ern Ern
    aiyo she is sooo blessed to be borned into this family that love her sooo much.

    pls keep a copy of this post so that she can read one day ah…very precious

  2. Thank you so much for your love and care to Ern Ern. We do appreciate everything that you have done for us. Ern Ern had a great time sharing her cake with her little frens, poking on the coated cheese with her tiny finger while her mummy busy lighting up the candles🙂. Will be waiting for you to come back and celebrate with us on Ern Ern’s Chinese calendar birthday this Sun.

    Really hope that Ern Ern can read this post one day. Very precious post indeed.

  3. Wow… what a beautiful post…. HB Ern Ern… You are blessed to be surrounded by so much love … And your Yi Yi is amazing… absent in body but present in mind… and carrot cake… and scones!!!!

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