Calling in Sick

Well, I wanted to blog about my latest trip with the family to Hadyai but somehow couldn’t go about doing it because I was sick. After the trip, almost everyone went down with fever, sore throat or flu. As for me, I had all three, including coughs. So.. there goes my energy to blog. I have some photos posted on my instagram if you are interested.


I don’t know why the 7-11 around the world has so much to offer but not in Malaysia! I was in Hadyai last weekend and managed to get the Bon o Bon chocolates that I’ve been craving! I didn’t notice it till my sis pointed it out for me. There’s a box of Bon 0 Bon at the cashier’s counter, one selling at 5 baht each. I took 5 and then, the next day, went again to 7-11 to buy another 10.. but decided to get the whole box and the cashier pointed to the back and said, I can get one whole box! So, I just snapped up two boxes of Bon o Bon at 150 baht each! Too bad they don’t have other flavors other than chocolates. I prefer the white chocolates and the yellow classic Bon O Bon! I guess I will try to look for these when I am in Thailand again in two weeks’ time! *excited*

Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Also, I spent a considerable amount of time in the 7-11 stores and managed to get small, travel size Gatsby hairwax at only 35 baht as opposed to RM7 here in KL! Soft drink in glass bottles go for only 10 baht each and yet, the Thais are not overweight or obesed. Haha! Isn’t it ridiculous? Things are way cheaper in Thailand! I wish I stay up north, so I could make a short trip to Hadyai every weekend for grocery shopping! Their Comfort clothes softener is priced at only 43 baht for 3 refill packets! That is not even RM2 per packet! We asked the driver to drop us at Tesco Lotus before we check out of Hadyai and we managed to get plenty of groceries and snacks that couldn’t be found here in KL. I guess, we will be making another trip soon to Hadyai.. perhaps this time, purely shopping for groceries and food items! Screw the govt subsidized shops in our country!

Glass Bottles

In Hadyai, I was surprised to find a 1L glass bottle of Coke! Have you seen a huge Coke glass bottle before? I asked if I could keep the bottle but they said, I have to pay for it.. I didn’t ask how much but to think of what would I do with a glass bottle back in KL, I decided not to buy it. My guide told me that, most carbonated drinks here in Hadyai are stored in glass bottles and they taste somewhat different compared to plastic bottles one. I would think so, I guess. I find the Coca Cola here is less sweet and somehow has a distinctive taste about it. Or maybe, it’s merely a perception?

When we were checking out from the hotel, the reception told me that, I have to pay for 2 missing glass bottles of mineral water from the room. It was a good thing that I remember, my family members moved the two bottles into another room – so there were 4 bottles in the room, while the other room is empty! Here in Hadyai – or maybe entire Thailand, the mineral water comes complimentary but you have to pay for the glass bottles if you decided to keep them or if you broke it! I guess this is a good effort to recycle your items! Glass bottles are more sturdy and cleaner and could be reuse many times without fear of contamination! Kudos to the Thai government for their green effort to reduce plastic bottle wastes!

Depressing, isn’t it? Our neighbour country has been doing this for many years and yet, we haven’t start doing this in our own backyard? We still use styrofoam to take away our food. And not many people bring their shopping bags to do shopping during the weekend, prefering to spend 20 sen for each plastic bag they used.

6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. i so agree with u abt 7-11. i remember when i was in hk, i would pop into every 7-11 i see, even if they’re just like a few shops apart! so many interesting stuff! wonder y our 7-11 is so boring?

  2. i think they should do away with the RM0.20 for plastic bags on sat… then ppl will make it a point to remember to bring out their recycle bags… i always put on in my weekend bag and a few more in the car jz in case i forget and I try to request for no plastic bags even on normal days. specially if it’s jz small items…

    • asstha, Yeah.. but I saw some people don’t even want plastic.. but they carried big bulk of items like bedsheet.. and once, this old fella who asked “got discount” ah? at the cashier, scrapped my hand with the tip of the bedsheet plastic. So sakit!

  3. How fascinating … You must make it your mission in life to be a 7-11 mystery shopper everywhere you go so that we can be updated on how things operate elsewhere…. The 7-11 image in Malaysia seems to be just a convenience store stocked up with only basic things and an outlet to get condoms in the middle of the night for young people😉

    Yes… I agree… Glass bottles have so much more character eh? Well, Malaysian drink producers probably think it’s too troublesome logistically to recollect bottles … Perhaps the cost of packaging it in plastic and aluminum cans is cheaper?

    • Well, first of all, the food in 7-11 overseas are not ordinary basic! They serve good noodles, sandwiches, delicious coffees! They also have franchise like t shirts, playcards, keychains of mascots in their countries, etc. And things are dirt cheap!

      In Hadyai, a Sneaker bar cost 20 baht. In KL, it’s Rm2.60. Sometimes ridiculously RM3!

      I think most manufacturers like Pantene, Olay, Boots, build factories in Thailand because of the Thai Govt’s efficiency in approving permits and cutting red tapes. I read somewhere, it took only 2-3 months to get a manufacturing license in Bangkok whereas it takes forever… and not to mention duit kopi in our own backyard. Sad, isn’t it?

      In no time, Burmah is going to catch up… if we kept having colonized thinking of which race is most important and not realizing, working together towards the same goal is of utmost importance in building of our beloved nation, irregardless of our skin color, religion or creed.

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