I Don’t Owe You Anything!!

Rude Callers

I recently received a very rude call from someone who wanted donation.

Me: Hello. Good afternoon.
Rude idiot: You Melayu kah???
Me:.... Apa yang saya boleh bantu? ( How can I help?)
RI: Project Dept!!
Me: (I got super annoyed at this point and decided to speak English) This is Contract Dept. What can I do for you?
Me: WHERE ARE YOU CALLING FROM? (Since she’s shouting over the other end, I supposed she couldn’t hear me. So, I also raised my voice)
RI: ABC (some govt’s office)

She hung up on me! I was so pissed! If you want to solicit a donation, please get someone who has basic phone ethics. With idiots like that, not only you will not get any donation, you won’t even get the office fax number! And in this internet age, I don’t understand why people couldn’t simply google for basic contact information!


I don’t understand why people who want to travel are SO LAZY to even do up their own itinerary. A colleague called me to ask me for "tips" of where to go in Hong Kong. I don’t even like Hong Kong at the first place! Well, I told her, Hong Kong is quite a well equipped country with subways, ferries, cabs.. heck! They even speak Cantonese. Am sure, we probably wouldn’t have any problems communicating with the locals there. So, I told her to just google for information on the subway stops as they are strategically concentrated on touristy areas, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

She asked me where I’ve stayed when I was in Hong Kong. I asked her if she’s bringing her family i.e. elderly or children? This is crucial because if you are bringing elderly people or children, I don’t think you would want to stay in cramped budget hostels. I think a proper hotel would be a better choice. She insisted to know where I’ve stayed and wanted me to assist her to book. Hello? Firstly, am not going to Hong Kong with you, so no, am not going to help. I’ve told her, the hostel I stayed in, is not very proper for families. More for budget travelers who couldn’t care less. She better book a good hotel.

Then, again. she asked me for a printed itinerary. She said earlier, I gave her itinerary on Siem Reap. Well, so happened, I did do up a proper itinerary for Siem Reap many years ago, so I was thinking, no harm sharing with her. So now, meaning, after I’ve gone to some place, I have to write up an itinerary and report to her is it? FUCK NO!

If you want me to share an itinerary, please don’t act bossy and as if, I owe you something. I don’t. If you don’t want to do your own homework before traveling, sign up at the travel agency for tour packages lah, you lazy idiot!

*Well, only a handful of people in the office knew of my blog. I think.. even if I do give them my blog address, I think they are simply too dumb to use the categories and need my "help" to check for information.

Your problem

An OLD colleague came to office and told me to print photos of site visits from his phone. I asked him for the phone charger/cable. He looked at me, bewildered and said, "I’ve given you my phone. So now it’s your problem. Deal with it." I was so tempted to open the window and throw the phone out from the office. @#$%^&**

I am asking a valid question here. Firstly, I don’t have the phone cable of the model and asked you for your charger/cable to transfer photos into my computer. Secondly, this office don’t have such thing as wireless printing or bluetooth printing, what not. Thirdly, my dinosaur computer do not have a card reader, and my personal card reader is at home. Fourthly, if you don’t even understand the basic requirement on transferring photos via cable, I don’t think you should be even using a smartphone. I don’t think he even knows how to share the photos via online either, so I just skipped the question to prevent further brain hemorrhage. (Maybe his phone don’t even have a data plan. HAHAHHA!)

In the end, luckily, I managed to find a phone cable from another colleague to transfer the fucking photos. To these people out there who think I owe them anything and I should help them, well, I don’t. So please fuck off.

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Owe You Anything!!

  1. exactly my same thought. Some ppl just don’t know how to do research and find out. Especially in this tech age, where with google or any other search engine, the answer is out there. Only I see they are lazy and don’t want to make an effort. Worse off is, when you kindly suggest something, and if it’s not up to their expectation. They have the cheek to even complain and be sarcastic.

    Should just flush that phone down the toilet or even pour coffee on it. Want also ask politely..rather than instruction or ordering. Blardy fool…hahaha

  2. hahahaa… cool down babe🙂 next time just give them all 5 star hotel names🙂

    and you are just so nice with the phone! perhaps should call overseas and talk for hours before giving back to him😉

    • Well, we will never know who is on the phone. It might be somebody who is connected to who and who, and I ended being in deep shit. I think I am a truly patient person!

  3. lol, i know what u mean! some ppl are really still living in the dinosaur age, even though some are younger than us! i’ve ppl asking me, how much is the airplane tickets to dubai, what’s there to see in dubai… hello, i’m not running a travel agency here, ok? u wanna come to dubai, do ur own f*king research! if u dunno what u want to see or where to go in a country, why u wanna go there in the first place?!? sometimes i just tell ppl, “just google”. habis cerita!

    • Ya… unless you really like the person.. perhaps, can give information for free lah.. maybe can gimme some tips on what to do in Dubai? LOL! Kidding!

  4. Hear hear! You got it right …. A lot of people walk around in this world thinking that everyone else OWEs them something … I guess its an Asian thing … They are not used to people saying NO, or refusing to accommodate a request … Well, catch us on a bad day …. Kena lah…… It’s quite liberating to give them a piece of our mind!

    But the rude caller takes the cake…. Such a b*%#¥!

    • Yeah.. some people born in this world, thinking the world owes them everything.. but nobody remember to be working to earn an honest living and making lives less miserable than they already are.

  5. next time got such bugger ask for donation, help on itinerary and printing from handphone, give them my phone number and email address, i will destroy them for u,,,anytime


    • Hahaha! No lah. Don’t waste time talking to these people lor. They think the universe belongs to them. Ptuiii!!

      We better spend time doing something more productive and beneficial than to waste our breath to destroy them! Haha! I like your choice of word – destroy!

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