Kangar & Hat Yai

I guess you can see from my previous posts on Hat Yai on where to go. I was in Hat Yai end of last month. The family went there after all of us attended our cousin sister’s graduation from Universiti Malaysia Perlis in Kangar. Kangar itself is quite a dead town. But it has breathtaking scenes. This is where the local Chinese production filmed their movie – Tian Tian Hao Tian. I’ve been to Kangar twice – once during a short holiday sometime this year and last month, was my second time. So, I get to witness two scenes – once with the vast green paddy fields and the second time, harvesting – where all paddy had been harvested and second time, only left plots of watery and muddy lands. I guess if you want to see Kangar, you have to see it when the paddy are still green or ripening.

Sunset at Kg. Wai, Kangar, Perlis

The set where local production shot the movie, “Tian tian hao tian”

Sunset at Kg. Wai, Kangar, Perlis

What I want to highlight this time, is the Hat Yai night market, I believed is called Suntisuk Night Market. I think I haven’t been there eventhough I’ve been to Hat Yai twice. Both times, we were too busy watching Simon Cabaret or Thai Girl show. Haha. Well, this time round, we didn’t intend to watch any shows so our driver took us to the night market. If you look at the map, the market is rather near Lee Gardens Hotel. Two blocks away. Here -especially girls, you will go CRAAZZZZYYYYY over shopping. Even my sister – the most thrifty among us went crazy. She ended buying two pairs of shoes – one for only 100 baht and 130 baht, some clothes for Ern Ern and Sasha. As for my cousin sisters – they went crazy buying dresses at only 99 baht each! However, for dresses, you couldn’t try though so you have to estimate if you could wear the dresses or not. As for me, sure no size lah. Haha. So I just bought 6 pairs of slippers (Ranging from 49 baht to 79 baht each!) and a small bag for 150 baht which is now my favorite bag. I kinda regret for not buying more though!

The Elephant temple, Hat Yai

Other than dresses, shoes and girly stuffs, you can also get a tattoo here, phone accessories at really dirt cheap prices, pets (though I don’t think you can get them out undetected.. also, I do not support buying pets, adopt them!), etc. Another thing is the food being sold here! They have all sorts of food from Thai to Western to Japanese. They have stalls of pretty little sushis on sale. We ended eating chicken rice – sold by a Muslim lady. The chicken was crispy and nice! We also went to try other stalls of food – pork rice with siew yok. We could have spent more time here.

The temple on highest point in Hat Yai

Another place you should be shopping is at the Tesco Lotus. You wouldn’t believe that the groceries there – biscuits, instant noodles, canned food, etc were so much cheaper. If you like bread sticks, they have other flavors as well which we couldn’t find here in KL. I love Meiji Panda vanilla biscuits, if not mistaken, in KL, it’s priced about RM3.50 per packet. But in Hat Yai’s Tesco, you can get it for only 19 baht. So you imagine how crazy we went in Tesco. Even aunty-ish stuffs like washing detergent and fabric softener are dirt cheap! The only thing we regretted is we didn’t drive a lorry to Padang Besar to cart all our things back to KL! Haha! I told my friends, in Hat Yai, not only you will go shopping.. you will go sapu-shopping! Everything on the shelf – you just sapu!

The floating market – Khlong Hae

Oh yes – we were staying in Kangar earlier, so we went into Hat Yai via Padang Besar’s entry point instead of the usual Sadao. Sadao is normally more packed compared to Padang Besar. In fact, I think we were the ONLY tourists when we were checking at the Padang Besar checkpoint. It was strange because we were at the check point on a Sunday morning, there weren’t many people going into Hat Yai via Padang Besar.

Another thing I want to highlight about Hat Yai is probably the chicken rice we had on the last day when we were there. It’s Jae Toi’s Hainanese Chicken Rice along along Prachatipat Road, right opposite one rather big 7-11! The chicken rice is made from Siamese fragrant rice. We doused generous servings of fried garlic onto our rice before we tucked in! It was heavenly! I think it’s open everyday from 7 am to 5 pm. Tel: 074-238915

Here’s a big map of Hat Yai for you to plan your trip. Also, check out my earlier posts on Hat Yai.

For more photos, click here.

10 thoughts on “Kangar & Hat Yai

  1. Hi Gina, happy vacation at the gateway to the Land of Smiles…and then to the land of cheap sales everywhere😉 Good harvest huh?? I have to plan to go to Penang, Kangar sometime this year, after my kids’ O and A levels, to relax of course.My kids are very stressful now but as parents, we are probably equally stressful too. So planning to have Penang Laksa, Hokkien mee, Java mee and many more… as destress food.

    • I think your children and wife will enjoy shopping in Hat Yai! You can just buy, buy and buy without even bargaining because it’s dirt cheap! Make sure bring enough Thai baht and spend away!

  2. Wow…. You make Kangar sound like such a romantic place with it’s sea of paddy fields and brilliant sunsets …. Perhaps we should put in our list of must sees….. Thanks for this!

    • It’s indeed very nice. In fact, many people came here to snap their wedding photos! Beware of mosquitoes though. I didn’t get down from the car! Just snap from my seat, winding down the windows coz too many mossies!

  3. breathtaking photos! and this post just made my tummy growl – hungry! i am way more interested in the food than the girly stuff, i think. too many years ago, it was the chicken rice at the old chatuchak that left the deepest impression on me. i had two or three plates in a shot!

    • Haha! Thanks again. Food in Hat Yai is much better than Bangkok. I guess it’s probably because Hat Yai is nearer to Malaysia, hence the way they cooked has some Malaysian influence so their food appeal to me more.

      I remember having 2 bowls of beef noodles in Chiang Mai. The moment I tasted the soup, I straight away order another bowl so I could eat as fast as I could! Yum!

      • That’s another place that I have to make it a point to visit – Hat Yai. I have a Thai friend at Yala, also south of Thailand. The other place want to visit is Bali. Maybe next year, hopefully. Al’s been to Hat Yai – twice. But he went on a motorbike with his friends (yeeaars ago), the ride is pretty long and the box can’t contain both our things so I didn’t go.
        I really love Thai food and Malaysian food. Singapore used to have good food too, but all that’s really PALED, and i often need my twice-yearly Melaka trips for a good-food fix!

        • It’s cheap to fly to Hat Yai I think. Minus the crazy queue at Sadao Immigration if you come via land. But be prepared for more luggage space when going back. Haha. Most friends would buy toiletries from Boots – buy one free one promotion, seems like it’s all throughout the year in Thailand. And the food – oh my! Simply delicious!

          As for Bali, just go, hire the driver I hired because their prices are very reasonable.. plan your own itinerary.. get your hotel from agoda, it’s cheaper!

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