The Cats & The Rain

It has been raining incessantly the past few weeks. Everyday, when it’s time to go home for lunch, it would pour! Go home, pour again! I am not complaining about the rain because I love the rain actually. I like the smell of the rain, the fresh cold air after the rain and being able to snuggle in the comfort of my warm bed during weekends. On the other hand, I don’t think city folks would appreciate it because they would be caught in unthinkable jams and floods!

The rain brought a lot of headaches not only for the city dwellers, but also the stray animals. Yesterday, I was driving through the back lane of my house and saw a kitten trying to stay dry from the rain, by hiding under a mop. Its mother is also lying not very far from the kitten, alongside the narrow pavement, trying to keep dry from the rain. I think its siblings were already gone. There supposed to be 2 other kittens but I haven’t seen them for awhile. I could only do my best, waking up to incessant barking in the dark of the night to chase away the dogs from attacking them in the middle of the night by splashing the dogs with a bucket of water. I wish I could put a box in my house compound, with some shredded cloth for them to keep warm but the family would frown upon this. They simply couldn’t tolerate cats, especially cats.

I still remember three particular mornings of having to remove cats and kittens carcasses from the back lane. Their deaths are either due to the biting cold in the night or they were attacked by the stray dogs, hunting for food. I remember vividly the hardened bodies of dead carcasses. I was watching a TVB series last night and it was mentioned, when a person dies, do you know how much does a soul weigh? A dead body weight normally shrunk by 0.3 taels so, the old Chinese deduced that, a person’s soul weighs only 0.3 taels. But I don’t think so. Dead people seem to weigh much heavier because of the constricted muscles mass… I remember having to remove a cat carcass to the side of the road, so it won’t be crushed under moving cars beyond recognition and I barely could lift it using one hand! And I remember the day when my grandmother died and my uncle had to carry her downstairs. She weighed rather heavily.. or perhaps, we hardly carry her when she was alive.

Oh, why am I writing this post? Well, the rain always made me think of the stray cats. That’s all.

6 thoughts on “The Cats & The Rain

  1. Omg, you actually lifted dead cat? Oh ….. You’ve got b@lls my friend…… Dead lizards, cockroaches … I could handle… Once used a pair of tongs to pick up dead bird …. But a dead cat … *salute*

  2. bless u always for taking care of the little ones! your post also made me re-think something that I tend to take for granted – the “void decks” at the ground levels of housing blocks in Singapore. The cats seek shelter here in bad weather. In fact, they are often at the void decks, whatever the weather.
    Totally irrelevant, but this post also makes me think of the lyrics to Rick Springfield’s song, Another Rainy Night. There’s a part that goes:
    What about the animals
    If they all start to float
    Everybody knows a dog doesn’t own a raincoat
    What about the cat
    Such a poor little fellow
    Have you ever see a cat try to hold an umbrella
    I hope their warm inside

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