Random Notes


I never been sick this long. It’s been more than 2 weeks now I am down with cough, flu and sorethroat. I didn’t try the mint leaves remedy yet. Perhaps today. It’s difficult to get out from bed with two eyes glued shut with goo. Yucks! TMI! TMI! I’ve finished drinking 3 bottles of cough syrup and ate almost 2 dozens of lozenges! I am trying the apple cider + honey remedy now. Keeping fingers crossed the cough at night would go away. Been having interrupted sleep for a few nights now.

Old friend

My mom’s old friend and wife came to visit on Monday. He was her cousin, both my mom’s dad and his mom are siblings. He is probably in his 70s now with a head full of white hair. He looked rather well but he has got cancer. I think stomach cancer. But it’s in remission now, so it’s all good news. Since now he resides in Johor with his children, he went to Taiping to collect his old health record and shift them to Johor Govt Hospital so he doesn’t need to travel up north every 3 months. On the way back to Johor, he stopped by KL to pay us a visit.

My family took them out around KL for a short visit since they haven’t been to KL in such a long time. I was home because of sickness and also, to take care of the house, in case the contractors need to come over to do some minor renovation.

My mom said, this uncle is probably dying. That is why he’s been visiting all relatives the past 2 weeks. I said, perhaps, since he hasn’t been around for awhile, he took this chance to see everybody at one go. I guess this is how life goes. At least this uncle still has friends and relatives to visit and care about him.. rather than die a lonely death.


The house has been undergoing renovation the past one month. My friend, Mei was right. She said, never ever trust contractors! She’s right! The guy – who is my sister’s friend told us, it would take 2 weeks tops. We are merely renovating two bathrooms because of leakage, add grill to the back of the house’s balcony and paint. Till today, one bathroom is still NOT ready yet and the grills were just installed yesterday. And it’s been more than a month. We are losing patience but then, we have been most lenient because we are not going anywhere and my parents and aunt are always home to oversee things. Imagine if all of us are at work and nobody’s home? I wonder how the working class people do renovation these days? Especially those living in condominiums.. they are limited to weekdays only to fix their houses!


A certain dept in the office is suffering manpower “leakages”. Staff has been resigning the past 2 weeks, one by one. I guess it all boils down to how the head of dept is managing them. In this current era, nobody could tolerate shouting and belittling anymore. After all, most young employees now are all educated, at least tertiary level. You think, they are still the uneducated, form five leavers looking for jobs like 20 years ago? Hell no! They all have minds of their own and expectations. And no leaders should use force or rule with iron fist. Now, everybody has to work in a team to make things work. I guess this dinosaur technique of handling employees are still prevalent in the office. That’s rather a sad thing to notice.

3 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Oh dear Not feeling well for so many days already?… U poor thing…. it’s very hard to shake off the common cold nowadays, huh? Perhaps the viruses have evolved into super bugs and are more resilient to antibiotics… ok…watching too many movies.,,, I really wonder how you can possibly rest with all the renovation noise going on! Get well soon my friend…!

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