My Tuna Croissant

Before I went to bed last night, I thought of tuna croissant. A nice, fluffy buttered croissant with fresh tuna top with a generous blob of mayonaisse.. yumm… A clear sign that I might be recovering from my two weeks long cough!

I remember I always have this for lunch when I was in college. Every alternate days, I go to college, I would stop at this Meidi-ya shop near Jalan Tun HS Lee for lunch before going to class. Without fail, I always order the RM3.50 set. It comes with a set of tuna croissant, a small bite size of cake and a cup of cofffee. Good deal if you ask me. The tuna croissant is rather huge, so it’s good enough to satisfy my hunger pang till dinner. I was rather a small eater then. Haha.

It’s almost a ritual for me for a year and more. I would take the bus to KL, stopped by Meidi-ya shop for my tuna croissant, with tomato and lettuce, chocolate coffee cake and a cup of coffee. I ate alone at this cafe throughout the year. It wasn’t an issue for me. I would take out my notes to read before class, had a few slow bites, savoring every bite of the fluffy croissant and tuna. Sometimes I would look at people and see what they buy, and before their eyes caught my prying eyes, I looked down again on my notes, pretending I didn’t see them. Sometimes, I would be lost in thoughts, depending on how much time I have before class.

It was that short moment I had to myself, that I find utmost peaceful. I think I should do it again.

6 thoughts on “My Tuna Croissant

  1. I’ve always talked about taking the train down to Pasar Seni, armed with nothing but my camera and my wallet. I can imagine spending a whole day in the surrounding area, chowing down on some really good food or maybe even jumping into Central Market for some respite from the heat.

    We all should take some time out for ourselves, no?

    • Long time I haven’t been to Pasar Seni. That was like my old hang out place, always meeting friends there before going some place else! And I always like to check out the fishes at the pet shop, and bought many fishes for the doctor I worked for.

      I think it’s good to take time off to be with ourselves, on our own, doing our own thing, to reflect and ponder. We will come out of it, refreshed and recharged.. ready to take on another day!

  2. Hi Gina, eat for own satisfaction and good health… hope your cough won’t bother you further. I just miss the apong kueh, must go back to Port Weld soon to savor my childhood favorite, in Singapore I just could not find it ;(

    • I usually eat for my satisfaction.. and never health. Hahahhahaha! Cough still still bothering me.. hopefully, I could get some restful sleep tonight. It’s been more than 2 weeks.

  3. Meidi Ya was part of my college memories too but too bad it closed down now and some photostat shop took its place.

    Some rituals will just remain memories… so time to start new ones.😛

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