Random Notes

Death and Funeral

Yesterday, dad suffered asthma attack after coughing for weeks. We told him to see a doctor, as usual, he prefers to be his own doctor. After taking almost 6 bottles of cough mixture with no sign of improvement, he finally relented to check into the hospital.. that is also, after he had to stop cycling twice, in a 5 minute cycle to the clinic. Not that we didn’t want to send him to the clinic, he’s just as obstinate as a cow wanting to do things all by himself. I was thinking yesterday, what if he kicks the bucket suddenly? Funeral expenses is really no joke. A recent friend’s mom funeral costs about RM100k, that is because they shifted their dad’s burial plot to rejoin their mom on final resting place. I am rather glad my parents are quite open about cremation to save space and costs. After all, once we are dead, we no longer exist.. so why bother to even waste a space on earth?

End of the World

Today, a colleague called me to talk about the end of the world, purportedly on 21st Dec 2012. She said, NASA said, the sun and moon would exchanged position and there would be three days of darkness on earth. I told her, it’s impossible because, simply, our solar system is not built that way. Moon orbit around the Earth while, the Earth and other planets orbit around the sun. The sun is the centre of the solar system. How would the moon be exchanging position with the sun? If that happens – meaning, it’s really shitty because the solar system would be totally hay wired.. we will be burnt to death…and why does she even need to worry about this? It’s beyond our control. And even if this does happen, the moon “exchanging” position with the sun, we will all die at the same time! So, really, stop reading about all the nonsense on the internet.. especially about the nibiru planet or planet X what-not to make your already complicated lives more complicated! Learn from the past, live in the present and anticipate the future.. do what’s right today.

Longest Cough

Till today, my cough is still here.. I was rather lucky that, this time, it has subsided tremendously and don’t interfere with my night sleep. I was a walking Zombie the past 3 weeks because of lack of rest, work stress and incessant night coughing. Can feel that the stomach is somewhat flatten a little. Haha! Which I think, is the only positive sign of being sick. Let’s hope the cough would go off totally soon… I’ve been to two doctors four times.. took countless bottles of medicine – both eastern and western. Found the eastern one is working for me, so I guess am gonna stick to that. I tried manuka honey too.. apple cider.. mint leaves.. but no.. oh well, at least now, I hope the nightly coughs would stay away from me! It’s a torture being unable to sleep!

Giving Up

Mark Twain is right when he said, “Don’t argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” I felt somewhat dejected with the things happening around the office. I should have taken advice earlier – not to bother about too many things. Sometimes, you just need to close one eye and let everything go, so you wouldn’t live a tormented soul. I guess no working place is perfect, so we just need to adapt to it, blend in like the rest. I give up.

6 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. i know what u mean abt stupid people. paling tak tahan are the stupid AND obstinate! sometimes we were just being kind, reminding them to better double check on something in case it’s not like how they think it is, but they’ll turn around and argue with us. as if by winning in an argument with us would make things go the way they want, when we have no control at all over it! puke blood. i’ve also given up… just save our breath and smile. then smirk when they do fall… *evil laugh*

    • Haha. Yeah.. no point. Anyway, I guess meeting such people is probably part and parcel of life.. like the cartoon snippets I used to laugh over.. God sprinkled some morons and idiots into the world to make it more interesting. Haha

  2. Hi Gina, it’s better to consult a specialist for your long lasting cough, for you and your dad too, just to ensure everything is going fine…New Year is already on the horizon, better get well to greet the New Year. Mark Twain’s famous quote is ” power”, better than tongkak ali, sooo, next time when you encounter any stupid ppl, just elak like me…becasue I am a great fan of Mark Twain.

    • Thanks, Jack for your concern. I have recovered, even if not fully. At least no more disruptive night sleep, which is super annoying and torturing. We have to learn from experience of the people before us, that is why studying history is very important. And also to live this life, not to take things too seriously

  3. Ahahahahaha…. Would we all live to see 2013??? Tell your friend not to worry…. If we all cease to exist on the very same day, won’t we be too busy shaking hands in heaven (or hell) to worry about getting vaporized from the earth?

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