Happy and Blessed New Year 2013

Hello fellas!

Just came back from having late dinner at Nelson Tan Cafe in Kepong. Managed to try out new dishes dished out by the cook personally! It was such a great place to hang out for a good, wholesome meal! Had great company with sister and husband, together with two other colleagues. We didn’t plan to usher the new year anywhere in KL because we simply didn’t want to get caught in massive jam.. and also, we are all too old now to even get ourselves jostling around with younger people! Might even break a hip if we are not careful! Haha!

What is there to highlight for the year 2012? I think generally, it has been a rather challenging year. With two nephews having to undergo heart surgeries due to congenital heart disease, the incidents simply set us back. One thing good came out of it though. I guess my cousin finally realized that, our families are always ever supporting and caring. We would render help without being asked and would help you without condition. Am glad that he is now spending more time with his mom, appreciating all the things she has done and sacrificed for him, in order to have a better life. After he has become a parent himself, I guess he knew and understand, a parent’s love knows no boundaries. You would do anything for a child.. and we, as a family unit would do anything for you when you need help. I thank God everyday for putting me in this family who tirelessly love me unconditionally.

Am glad that, this year, I found myself to be in God’s embrace again. I guess that is probably why I cried so hard while watching Les Miserables at the cinema, especially the part where Jean Valjean knelt before God and found himself anointed by the grace of God who is ever merciful and forgiving. God simply provides all the answers whenever you ran out of wits, trying to get yourself unstuck from going down a quicksand of troubles. God is the answer.. all you need to do is reach out to Him and He is always there to receive you with open arms.

We ran into a couple of bad luck this year with the contractors. I guess that is the problem for everybody.. irresponsible contractors but I guess I wouldn’t let this dampen our spirit. I will try my best to look for the best in people and try to give everybody benefit of a doubt.

I am blessed to be able to travel to several beautiful islands this year – namely Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai, Krabi and Phuket! As well as attended a beautiful wedding in Bali! Get to know new and wonderful friends which would further add spice to my life. I am thankful to have met such wonderful souls in my life’s journey in 2012! I pray and hope that, everyone of you would also be blessed with good friends and more good things to come in 2013!

Another 30 minutes to go to say good bye to 2012 and saying hello to 2013! I wish all of you, a very happy and blessed new year 2013! May love, happiness, good health and all things good and great follow you wherever you go!

Al Cheapo

Yesterday, we had a birthday celebration in office. It’s a usual practice to have cake for those who are celebrating their birthdays at the end of the month. While waiting for other colleagues to gather around the conference room, a colleague said to me,

C1: Mr XXX is not here anymore.

Me: Why ah? His birthday this month?

C1: No… usually, his lady boss will ask him to save her a piece of cake.

Me: She is not in office now?

C1: No, she went out for a meeting.

Me: Will she be back later? Now it’s already almost end of working day.

C1: No… she will still ask him to save a piece of cake for him.

Me: But we won’t be back to work till Monday!

C1 : Exactly… she said, she will eat it when she got back to office, 3 days from now.

Me: Wah lao.. she’s a manager lah. No money to buy a piece of cake meh? Need to save cake till next week to eat??? No longer fresh lo!

C1: Cheapo lah!

I shook my head in disbelief. Imagine, a manager, probably earning almost 5 figure salaries, asking her subordinate to save a cake for her? So, this reminds me of another incident, also concerning cake. I remember a few years back, she was on maternity. When her baby is almost a month old, she decided not to have a full moon party but will still have to return some gestures since most colleagues chipped in to buy her full moon presents. Ms Cheapo called my sister (who was also a colleague, now ex colleague) to help her.

Cheapo: Please help me to buy a few walnut cakes from the bakery and get the tea lady to help distribute the cakes.

Sis: How many cakes you need? One cake each person kah? Rm6 per cake.

Cheapo: No! No! I think buy 4 cakes enough. You get the tea lady to cut them into small, small pieces and distribute.

Sis: Okay……

Cheapo: Remember! I will give you a list. Those who didn’t buy me a present, don’t bother to give them the cake.

:….. I also didn’t give you any angpow or gifts, so I am not entitled to eat the cake?

Cheapo: You didn’t???

Sis: No, I did not give you angpow or gift.

Cheapo: Never mind. Just do what I say.

LOL! I think that was super hilarious. I told my sis, eventhough I have not given birth, I think when this cheapo comes to office after her maternity leave, I will go buy a big huge cheese cake from Secret Recipe and just treat colleagues without any favors or expecting anything in return.

I didn’t want to spend the last few days of 2012 bitching about people but I simply can’t help it. I think I need a vacation!

Random Notes

Christmases and New Years

For the past 7 years, I didn’t have to think where or how was I going to celebrate my Christmases and New Years. I have been truly blessed when Datin was still in KL, he would throw warm and full of camaraderie parties at his humble home. There would be warm food, filled with laughter and happiness to be able to spend these two important days every year. It’s also time to come up with new year’s resolutions, trying hard to stick to them, probably throwing them away mid of the year, with us consoling each other, there’s a chance to do so, another year. Haha! The procrastination!

I truly miss the fellowship. Datin is like the glue that holds the group together. I am sure, those friends in Singapore would be truly blessed with Datin’s presence!

End of the World

So the world didn’t end? Sigh. Haha. Was hoping for fire hail storms or floods that eradicate mankind from sins. I read online, there’s somebody actually built Noah’s ark to wait for the end of the world. I told my friends when they were commenting on that, it (the flood that eradicates mankind) won’t happen again. The Bible said, God has promised Noah that it won’t happen again and seal the covenant with a rainbow. Friends just look at me as if I’ve gone nuts. It doesn’t pay to be well versed about the Bible at times. Haha.


I don’t know why am I still getting pimples at this age! I thought my adolescent’s nightmare is far from over but I was wrong. I was blessed with good skin for a few years till lately, pimples began to sprout sporadically on my face. At the most inconvenient spot – the nose, the cheek, the side of my face! The worse thing is, they never seem to disappear even after it was healed and left a big scar marks. Been contemplating to go to skin specialist to remove the marks but then, am I that vain? Nobody is looking anyway! If I could bear with me, going out without combing my hair at times (I really forgotten! In fact, I forgot to comb my hair 3x last week, when going to work till I went to the ladies in the office and horrified at what I saw on the mirror! And luckily, out-of-bed look is the in-thing now!).

Quiet Office

I guess this happens every year end. It’s a stupid policy to force people to clear their leaves by year end. What if the employees have many plans the following year? Getting married, having a child, going for extended holidays, or getting an MBA? No.. we cannot do that in our office. MUST clear leave. So now, the office is basically empty for a week because everyone is forced to clear leave. The only thing I could hear now in office is my fingers typing on the keyboard and the leaky air conditioner above me, punctuated with my old woman’s coughs. I think I need to get a blood test.

Shut Up

A colleague came to my cubicle and asked me what’s that smell? I was using Body Shop’s Moringa Milk Lotion. Then the colleague suddenly blurted, I thought what dishwasher smell is that? Then I looked at her and glared. She scurried away. Well, if you have nothing good to say, it’s best to shut up lah. I happen to like my lotion to be smelling like dish washer for all I care!

Body Odor

We were at the cinema yesterday for Jack Reacher when suddenly a waft of foul smelling stuff walked past us. We almost fainted. It was a couple, looking for their seats. I mean, what is so difficult? You have bought tickets at the counter and saw where you are going to sit, so just follow lah your numbered seat. They were hovering at our seats and looked at us. We glared back at them and they went away. We think to ourselves, “Please God! Don’t sit in front or at the back of us! Please! Please go away!” When they went away, their smells lingered for a good 2-3 minutes.. gawd! We thought we would never be able to get rid of that terrible smell for long! Then I watched them walked up and down the aisle on the other side and they still couldn’t find their seats. When the movie was about to start, they found their seats.. which was the other end of our row! There were two guys sitting there and one of them was seen covering his nose in agony! Poor thing! Then I also saw, the people sitting behind them, also pinching the nose! Phew! That was close! I prayed silently in my heart that they would NOT change seats during the movie… to be nearer to us.. otherwise. I think I would ask them to go back to their original seats! A note of advice – Please get your own cable tv and watch movies at home to spare other paying guests the agony of 2 hours of smelling you! Also, learn to wash up properly! Geez! I think my socks for 2 days smell even better than them!

Bad English

I saw a friend’s photo on Facebook, with full Zombie make up on, for his company’s annual dinner theme… so I couldn’t resist commenting on it.

Me: So, did you get to feed on human parts, eg. head bread, hand croissant, feet toast, arm baguette, etc?

Him: Gina, I’m the one eating. Not feeding. Haha.

*Cricket sounds*

Imagine, it’s really apocalypse now.. and I am telling him – “Run! The zombies will feed on you! Run!”

Him: Oh? No lah… I am not going to feed the zombies. They are not my pets lah. Hehe! Opps.. *arms torn from body*

*Shake head*

Then this morning, as I was browsing the Facebook, I saw this.

Friend posted a photo of a bowl of tang yuen with a caption, “Flashing my mum while she doing tang yuan…..”

*Scratch head*

Crap.. she meant, she was taking photo of her mom making tang yuan.

If you read the statement again.. flashing itself is bad enough (which means, taking off your clothes and showing your not-supposed-to-be-seen-in-public private parts) and then, while she doing tang yuan?? Doing tang yuan? Hahahahah. Man.. all sorts of suggestive thoughts running all over my head right now. That must be one helluva sexy tang yuan. Haha!

Happy 21.12.2012, people!

End of the World II

This morning, while buying nasi lemak….

Pakcik Ketayap: So, you ini Jumaat kerja tak?

Me: Kerja lah. Kenapa?

PK: Ramai orang ambik cuti lah.. hari nak kiamat.

Me: Aiyah… takkan berlaku lah.

PK: Mereka tanya I ada buka business… I cakap ada buka macam biasa lah.

Me: Ya lah.. apa nak takut? Kalau kiamat, semua sama-sama mati mah.

PK: Kalo betul hari kiamat, ramai orang akan jadi baik lo.

Me: Ya ya… kita tengok ada kes rompak tak Jumaat ini. Haha.

PK: Haha.

I forgot to tell him that, this Friday coincides with Winter Solstice festival ("Tong Chit") for the Chinese – when we made the tong yuen. So maybe, people are taking time off for prayers and reunions.

Then when I got home for lunch, I was told by my aunt that, usually, our Lunar Solstice falls on 22nd December every year. And whenever it falls on 21st December, something bad will happen. She said, back in 2004, the winter solstice fell on 21st December, 5 days later, the great tsunami which caused mass deaths happened. Anyone care to confirm?

Then last night, when my cousin came back for dinner, she said to me, her colleagues are getting winter clothings and sweater as well, because they are very sure that the climate would change drastically and there might be snow in Malaysia! …… Hahahahahahhaha! Well, never say never… I think I experienced hail storm before.. instead of rain, it rained ice! I was on my way back from visiting a friend’s mom in the hospital and got stuck in Subang and could basically hear "rocks" hitting my car!

Well, I did go shopping yesterday at Tesco and bought extra biscuits, instant noodles and canned food.. just in case… but I’ve forgotten about the candles!

Note: Just found out, why some tong chit falls on 21st. Leap year mah!! Ha ha.