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Recent purchase! Yoda and Darth Vader flash drives!

I’ve been purchasing plenty of things from online that I guess, I should keep my credit card in the freezer like Becky Bloomwood did in “Confession of a Shopaholic”. The thing is, even if I were to freeze my credit card into a block of ice, all I need for online shopping is my credit card number and the CVV code.. and I am good to go! So, it won’t work! Help!

I remember writing a paper on online shopping some years ago for college on online shopping. 10 years ago, I didn’t believe it would materialize. Further, I wouldn’t bring myself to buy anything online. Even though I don’t really like shopping in general, I still think there’s a need to go to the shopping all, look at the thing physically before considering to purchase the item.

That was 10 years ago. Who would have thought, online shopping would be an in-thing now. I have so far bought bags, baby clothes, soaps, tech stuffs, t-shirts, shoes from online. Then, came all the discount websites. Everybody just hop onto the bandwagon and started the buying frenzy. I’ve seen a few blogs lamenting on spending unnecessarily and some even ended not going to the restaurants which they have purchased vouchers due to time constraints. Some restaurants needed a few days in advance to book a place, just to eat the food. I find it simply annoying. I did bought groupon for scones once because I was really craving for scones. The restaurant needed two days advance booking, which I did promptly. The thing is, when I was there, there weren’t anybody in the restaurant except for us! Since the food was not bad, I decided to go again, and pay full price to try other food on the menu. It was utterly disappointing!

I also have friends who gave me last minute Photobook vouchers because they couldn’t finish making a book on time! I am blessed actually! LOL! Another friend of mine, ended printing the same two books because lack of time and they actually submitted their photobook on the last day of the valid date! One for themselves, and one for their in laws. Haha.

After I had a few encounters with some not so good restaurants, I decided not to buy anymore and delisted all auto mailing lists. Now, I would only purchase Photobooks and maybe, thumb drives. I have also stopped buying t shirts from Threadless because the quality of the cloth is getting worse. So far, I think I’ve bought no less than 20 t shirts from Threadless. There are also some shopping websites which didn’t send things that you have bought. In our time now, info and knowledge are all within our finger tips and just a few taps away. Before you buy things online from a website, do a thorough background check. Facebook is actually a good place to start – that’s where you get all the dissatisfied customers complaining on the wall of the said vendor! Some comments and complaints were rather alarming but, thankfully, I managed to get what I bought after I call them up before the expiry date of my voucher. I guess I was one of the luckier ones. So, I stopped buying from those websites which have integrity issues. Those in my facebook list would have known how I whined and complained about these websites. Haha!

Since I’ve become a “hermit” (I simply dislike going to the shopping malls, caught in a jam, then further jam in the parking lots, risked being mugged or robbed), I feel online shopping probably could give me the retail therapy I needed from time to time without stepping out from my house! The downside is, sometimes, certain things are not as good looking as they could be in photographs, so you have to really know what you are getting yourself into, before keying in your credit card numbers!

4 thoughts on “Online Shopping

  1. Ah…happy shopping online, I guess I was addicted to shopping on line some 14 years ago, most of the items are books and camera from States, like, Barnes & Noble and watches from Joma watchshop. It was convenience and very reliable, I do know that some bogus online retail shops that with poor or no intergrity are out there, so I just avoid them. You can check out online to see their credibility rating before purchase. Now my eldest daughter just started to step into my footstep, happy online shopping for her dresses, most of them are from local detail shops and low end products are involved, so even something went wrong, still not too bad, anyway, just be extra caution, its all your hard earned money.

  2. Jack: Yeah.. after one bad turn, I guess I am more wary now of what to buy and what NOT to buy!

    shorthorse: Haha. I think I remember that ad too. Haha

    unkaleong: Haha. So, do you think you will shop online?

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