Stupid Fly

I was getting ready for bed, when I switched off the light, I saw a gigantic fly next to the switch board. I wanted to smack it with rolled newspapers but as if the rascal could read my mind with its structured dome eyes, it flew away.

I went to bed anyway and was about to go to sleep when it suddenly flew into my right ear!! Shit!!! I quickly fan it away and switched on the lights! And there it was, staring back at me next to the switch board again!

I must kill it this time! That piece of nuisance again flew away. I took my blanket, trying to catch it.. I looked like some deranged matador. Adrenaline pumping throughout my body. I was holding the blanket with my fist, waiting to strike. Then, I saw it hanging out at the top corner of the wall. I tried to zap it with my blanket again, then the blanket almost got entangled on the moving fan!! Geez!!!! Instead of catching the fly, I almost destroy the ceiling fan! And getting dusts dropping on my bed sheet! @&%=-**@

This scenario somehow reminded me of Walter White in Breaking Bad, trying to get the fly out of his meth lab, to avoid contamination. I felt it was really hilarious, the deranged and angry state that I was in, almost the same as Walter’s predicament. So, I decided to chill.. And switch off the lights and typed this stupid story via my small phone in the dark. I hope I don’t snore with my mouth open tonight…

2 thoughts on “Stupid Fly

  1. ROTFL……. Beware… You might undergo a transformation like Jeff Goldblum in THE FLY … Test #1 – check if you are spitting out your saliva into your food before eating…..

    • Haha! Now I suddenly remember Jeff Goldblum, the Fly. Hahaha! Boy! That was an old movie! Nope.. haven’t been spitting on my food, so I guess I am still ok. Haha

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