End of the World II

This morning, while buying nasi lemak….

Pakcik Ketayap: So, you ini Jumaat kerja tak?

Me: Kerja lah. Kenapa?

PK: Ramai orang ambik cuti lah.. hari nak kiamat.

Me: Aiyah… takkan berlaku lah.

PK: Mereka tanya I ada buka business… I cakap ada buka macam biasa lah.

Me: Ya lah.. apa nak takut? Kalau kiamat, semua sama-sama mati mah.

PK: Kalo betul hari kiamat, ramai orang akan jadi baik lo.

Me: Ya ya… kita tengok ada kes rompak tak Jumaat ini. Haha.

PK: Haha.

I forgot to tell him that, this Friday coincides with Winter Solstice festival ("Tong Chit") for the Chinese – when we made the tong yuen. So maybe, people are taking time off for prayers and reunions.

Then when I got home for lunch, I was told by my aunt that, usually, our Lunar Solstice falls on 22nd December every year. And whenever it falls on 21st December, something bad will happen. She said, back in 2004, the winter solstice fell on 21st December, 5 days later, the great tsunami which caused mass deaths happened. Anyone care to confirm?

Then last night, when my cousin came back for dinner, she said to me, her colleagues are getting winter clothings and sweater as well, because they are very sure that the climate would change drastically and there might be snow in Malaysia! …… Hahahahahahhaha! Well, never say never… I think I experienced hail storm before.. instead of rain, it rained ice! I was on my way back from visiting a friend’s mom in the hospital and got stuck in Subang and could basically hear "rocks" hitting my car!

Well, I did go shopping yesterday at Tesco and bought extra biscuits, instant noodles and canned food.. just in case… but I’ve forgotten about the candles!

Note: Just found out, why some tong chit falls on 21st. Leap year mah!! Ha ha.

4 thoughts on “End of the World II

  1. lol… my china colleague said the ppl in china are stocking up on candles, coz they’re sure the earth would stop rotating and they’d be in total darkness… eh, what if the earth stopped rotating while they’re within the sun ray’s zone?!? *rolls eyes*

  2. This reminds me of the Millennium bug scare…. I still remember we were flying from Beijing back to KL on New Year’s eve… Everyone asked us why we were so mad to fly then, what if the plane was delayed and we were still flying during midnight when the millenium bug struck and the plane shut down mid flight….. etc.

    Well, as a result of the scare …it turned out to be a great, next to EMPTY flight where we had an attentive crew, due to the lack of passengers, a free flow of juices and all the space you wished for even though we flew economy!

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