Bad English

I saw a friend’s photo on Facebook, with full Zombie make up on, for his company’s annual dinner theme… so I couldn’t resist commenting on it.

Me: So, did you get to feed on human parts, eg. head bread, hand croissant, feet toast, arm baguette, etc?

Him: Gina, I’m the one eating. Not feeding. Haha.

*Cricket sounds*

Imagine, it’s really apocalypse now.. and I am telling him – “Run! The zombies will feed on you! Run!”

Him: Oh? No lah… I am not going to feed the zombies. They are not my pets lah. Hehe! Opps.. *arms torn from body*

*Shake head*

Then this morning, as I was browsing the Facebook, I saw this.

Friend posted a photo of a bowl of tang yuen with a caption, “Flashing my mum while she doing tang yuan…..”

*Scratch head*

Crap.. she meant, she was taking photo of her mom making tang yuan.

If you read the statement again.. flashing itself is bad enough (which means, taking off your clothes and showing your not-supposed-to-be-seen-in-public private parts) and then, while she doing tang yuan?? Doing tang yuan? Hahahahah. Man.. all sorts of suggestive thoughts running all over my head right now. That must be one helluva sexy tang yuan. Haha!

Happy 21.12.2012, people!

11 thoughts on “Bad English

    • Haha! All kinds lah… aih,.. the level of command of English here in Malaysia.. and worse, this is KL you know.. and we have these people…

      I think the ex colleague really, honestly think I am saying he’s feeding and not eating.. LOL

  1. lol… so funny. while the mom was doing the tang-yuen, ur friend decided to join in the fun by flashing her mom! kakakaka…

    but seriously, after living abroad for more than 2 years, i’ve realized there are ppl with worse command of english than our m’sians. it’s my daily job to screen words like “drinkes”, “parteners”, “favrit arbic and interntional dish” etc… *pengsan*

  2. not to mention some even resorting to sign language and sounds: “neh, the people white colour, and their teeth like this *putting two fingers in front of her mouth, like hooks* and argh argh argh…

    this colleague was trying to tell another colleague that she went for the twilight movie, but pronounced it as “twight” which of course the other colleague couldn’t understand. so she resorted to describing vampires with signs and sounds! *pengsan*

    • LOL! That bad ah??? Hahaha! Well, I think the people here are generally ok lah, I guess… but some of them really.. tak boleh lah… Hahaha!

      I wonder who starred in “Twight”? Hahahahah

  3. Ah… Dec 21 is a momentous day indeed coz that’s
    the day The Tang Yuan Flasher strikes! Beware what you’re ‘feeding’ on that day…. It could be tang yuan spiced with a little bit extra…!!!🙂

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