Happy and Blessed New Year 2013

Hello fellas!

Just came back from having late dinner at Nelson Tan Cafe in Kepong. Managed to try out new dishes dished out by the cook personally! It was such a great place to hang out for a good, wholesome meal! Had great company with sister and husband, together with two other colleagues. We didn’t plan to usher the new year anywhere in KL because we simply didn’t want to get caught in massive jam.. and also, we are all too old now to even get ourselves jostling around with younger people! Might even break a hip if we are not careful! Haha!

What is there to highlight for the year 2012? I think generally, it has been a rather challenging year. With two nephews having to undergo heart surgeries due to congenital heart disease, the incidents simply set us back. One thing good came out of it though. I guess my cousin finally realized that, our families are always ever supporting and caring. We would render help without being asked and would help you without condition. Am glad that he is now spending more time with his mom, appreciating all the things she has done and sacrificed for him, in order to have a better life. After he has become a parent himself, I guess he knew and understand, a parent’s love knows no boundaries. You would do anything for a child.. and we, as a family unit would do anything for you when you need help. I thank God everyday for putting me in this family who tirelessly love me unconditionally.

Am glad that, this year, I found myself to be in God’s embrace again. I guess that is probably why I cried so hard while watching Les Miserables at the cinema, especially the part where Jean Valjean knelt before God and found himself anointed by the grace of God who is ever merciful and forgiving. God simply provides all the answers whenever you ran out of wits, trying to get yourself unstuck from going down a quicksand of troubles. God is the answer.. all you need to do is reach out to Him and He is always there to receive you with open arms.

We ran into a couple of bad luck this year with the contractors. I guess that is the problem for everybody.. irresponsible contractors but I guess I wouldn’t let this dampen our spirit. I will try my best to look for the best in people and try to give everybody benefit of a doubt.

I am blessed to be able to travel to several beautiful islands this year – namely Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai, Krabi and Phuket! As well as attended a beautiful wedding in Bali! Get to know new and wonderful friends which would further add spice to my life. I am thankful to have met such wonderful souls in my life’s journey in 2012! I pray and hope that, everyone of you would also be blessed with good friends and more good things to come in 2013!

Another 30 minutes to go to say good bye to 2012 and saying hello to 2013! I wish all of you, a very happy and blessed new year 2013! May love, happiness, good health and all things good and great follow you wherever you go!

10 thoughts on “Happy and Blessed New Year 2013

  1. Likewise dear friend! Happy 2013 to you and all in the family! … May it be filled with great things and dreams fulfilled….. We too heralded the New Year in a low key fashion…. Counted down in a friend’s house … Kept it simple but meaningful …. Have a good year ahead of you…

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