Fart Master

I find as one ages, it’s getting more and more difficult NOT to fart indiscriminately in public! Am still stuck in office now and I think my boss has the tendency of farting all the time but he tried holding it in I supposed. Most of the time, I would pretend I never hear when he farted while talking to me. Just keep a straight face. And am getting good at that. Or when I hear him fart, I would stay out of his room for a good 10 minutes before going in.

As for me now, I think my fart is also getting out of control. Whenever I am home, I would just release gas lah coz nobody is going to mind at home, as most of us are fartarts. LOL! Everybody farts LOUDLY in my household. I think it’s genetic. Luckily most of our farts are not smelly, coz we seldom release those “strong and silent type”. Those are indeed, smelly!

So just now, I was feeling slightly bloatish. Suddenly, I felt a fart coming.. and I am in office now. I couldn’t be farting in front of my boss! So, I withheld my fart.. quickly walked to the toilet, more like scurrying. I had to walk past the COO’s room, then the new contract guy sitting diagonally opposite me… and walked like a penguin… I MUST HOLD IN THE FART! PLEASE! Especially not in front of the contract guy! What the heck with people staying up so late in office??!!

As soon as I got into the toilet, I still had to make sure nobody was around. No one’s in the toilet! So, I tried to let go.. but I could basically feel the BIG fart seeped back into my anus! Wah lao. Geez! Will I be getting a toxic butt! I don’t want an ass full of toxin so I waited for awhile for the fart to come.. Aih… fartless…even after 5 minutes… So I walked back to my cubicle and wrote down this nonsense. Haha.

Well, hope you guys have a good weekend ahead!