Tragic Deaths

Not even a week after year 2013, I’ve heard of tragic deaths of friends’ relatives or close relations. It is indeed very sad. My sister’s friend’s dad was an active person. He enjoyed fishing very much and usually would go to the jungles in Rasah himself and go fishing alone. Sometime last year, he suddenly suffered breathlessness when going out marketing with his wife in the morning. Since the wife was with him, she slapped and rubbed his back hard enough, to help him aid his breathing. It helped. After much patting and rubbing on the back, he miraculously recovered.

Then, he went to the doctor’s to find out what went wrong with him but they couldn’t find anything. So, he went back home. He still enjoys fishing so he would still go to the woods all by himself despite family’s objection. So, the recent one, which was a few days back ended up in tragedy. Usually, he would go to the jungle around 3 pm and be home by midnight or latest by tomorrow afternoon. So the family didn’t suspect anything was amiss till a friend called up the family and told them that, they saw his car parking at the road side entering the jungle and it has been there since yesterday. It’s been more than 30 hours already that he went missing.

The family went to lodge a police report and all of them – friends and families conducting search as soon as possible where he last left his car. They went inside the jungle. It was the son who found his father. The father was seen hunching – in a standing position over something, nearby a bamboo bush. The moment the son saw the father, he shouted “Papa!” Then, blood suddenly oozed out from all pores of the blackened and bloated body.

They found out that, he was leaning against the parang he held as support, after he cut down a bamboo shoot. He probably suffered a heart attack and died on the spot.. in hunching position over the parang he used as support.

Sister and friend went to the uncle’s funeral and was shocked to see the bloated and blackened body. She was surprised that how come they don’t have a closed casket, given the deteriorating condition of the body.

I was thinking, it’s no joke to be chopping off bamboo in the jungle due to the stories on wandering spirits and what-not. I guess it’s just his time is up.

Another friend’s elder brother just passed away yesterday. Probably a heart attack. My heart goes all out to her, she just lost her mom in August last year and now, not even five months down the road, this shit happened. I pray that God would give her peace in her heart and strength to shoulder on.

These incidents shocked me tremendously and set me back. I guess if it’s time to go, there’s no stopping death. It’s best if we could just get our affairs straight and stop procrastinating, as we might not know what tomorrow brings. If you owe a person an apology, please go and say sorry today. If you plan to visit an orphanage and give freely, go now. If you always wanted to try that adventure, go now, don’t wait. If you want to visit the country for some time already, don’t let your laziness stop you.. go now! If you are appreciative of what a friend has done for you – go thank him or her now for their kindness! Live today as if you are going to die tomorrow, that will definitely ensure you live life fullest.