Spring Will Come

I was looking at the photos of a friend who just visited Beijing in winter. After so many photos of white snow covering temples, pavement, people, snow men, etc, he put up photos of dead plants – trees, potted flowers, reed, dried leaves and so forth. Everything seemed grey and bleak. The plants were all dried up, brown in color, almost turning grey.. colours of death.

Do you sometimes feel the winter is never ending in your life? What are the feelings of winter, you might ask? Feeling of restlessness, hopelessness or despair. How the coldness of winter being unmerciful to you, penetrate your bones and chill every cells in your body. Slowly, like the plants, you will turn brown or grey, your soul is leaving you and let your body harden against the cold harsh wind of winter. And you die a painful death.

Then the light switch in my brain suddenly flickered and turned on.

After winter, there’s definitely spring. That’s when the buds of new baby plants will emerged from the soil to replace the dead. Don’t you think it’s a miracle? After so much hopelessness and death, they just spring back to life at the turn of another season. Like a clockwork. Almost definite.

It makes me think, if God could take care of plants when they couldn’t take care of themselves in winter, how much more worth are you, a human being to Him?

That settles my restlessness.

13 thoughts on “Spring Will Come

  1. yes , spring definitely comes no matter how harsh the winter is, we just need to tahan the winter, pray with faith and spring will come with renewed hope. then we can celebrate spring CNY with lots of food hahaha
    Bless U

  2. there’s beauty even in winter, just have to look harder. and take comfort knowing that plant bulbs are growing even in the cold, ready to push through when signs of spring are near. and always remember that God will take care of us.

  3. Thanks for this post Gina๐Ÿ˜ก. In fact thanks for blogging. I’d been having a really rotten time since last year, like the extended winter in Narnia under the White Witch, and reading your blogs always cheered me up considerably.

    • Mrsal, thanks for the kind words. I hope you are ok now. Let’s not waste time mopping around negativity. We must always get up and celebrate our life, a day at a time. Perhaps, let’s be like epicuriousgirl.. seeing beauty in everything. I learned a lot, even from watching tvb dramas. There’s one episode saying, “Try to see the good in others. It would make us happier persons”. I guess that’s how happiness comes.

  4. hmmm… i always view photos of winter with awe. i feel the white snow blanketing everything gives off a feeling of peace, quietness and tranquility.

    • Sue.. I can’t stand the cold, even with my layers of fat! Haha! I remember going to Guilin and freezing my ass off at 2C. Imagine if it’s winter.. the cold at 2C already could go into my bones and I was in pain!

  5. Thank you for this post Gina! reading it makes me realize that things will turn around sometimes. We just need to continue to press on, Amen!
    Life has been topsy turvy too after the arrival of Zach, someday there are just too much for me to chew…
    maybe without the coldness n emptiness of winter, we would not see how beautiful and wonderful is spring๐Ÿ™‚

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