My close friends would know, I can be a really lazy ass. I like to sleep. A lot. Most weekends, when I have nothing much to do, I would usually sleep it off. I can fall asleep at anytime, anywhere.. in fact, everywhere. Even if somebody drive me to work, even only for 5 minutes, I could press the snooze button and black out. And it’s really embarrassing that, I could sleep soundly while having facial – soundly here means snoring.

Just yesterday, a new colleague asked me to join her for yoga class after work. I said I cannot. She was puzzled on why I couldn’t. I said, I am very bad at one particular position. That is the corpse position. She scratched the head and said, "But that’s the easiest pose!"

"Yes, that’s the easiest but I am most afraid of………..", I said sheepishly.

"Why??" she asked.

"Coz I tend to fall asleep and snore DAMN LOUD that it will wake others!" I said.

She laughed.

I was just having conversation with a friend sometime this week and said, I might be suffering from sleep apnea. I know, I did coz earlier, I do get choked sometimes during my night sleep that kept me awake. Thank God the problem has subsided. But now, don’t know somehow, I just tend to snore louder. Snoring is definitely in my family’s genes. Even Ern Ern at age 2.5 years old snores in her sleep. Luckily my sis is a quiet sleeper… but my mom, dad and my brother are chronic snorers. If we travel together and stayed in the same room, you can hear the entire concert of symphonies throughout the room!

Maybe I should get a surgery to deal with it.. since losing weight is such a struggle.

Well, am writing this filler post coz I was a little drowsy at work after a good lunch meal. Haha.