Mangsa Pendidikan

I guess many of us have watched that “Listen woman” fiasco on youtube. Well, seriously, I didn’t even get past watching till the animals part simply because I couldn’t stand her voice and her arrogant face! The audacity of flexing muscles just because you are an “adult” and very “educated”? Shame on you! Someone please get me a bag! I want to vomit!

Her arrogance reminded me of my school days. Being a rather avid reader since I was young, I gather my language skills developed tremendously, not to boast, but, I was above average in the Malay Language. I could write eloquently, thanks to mom for giving me extra pocket money to buy magazines like Dewan Siswa and Dewan Masyarakat. Of coz, I still had a life because I read Gila-Gila too. I love “Tiga Dara Pingitan”! That’s my favorite cartoon series! Haha!

When I was in Form 3, I took extra tuition class on this subject just to make sure I score well. When I was in the tuition class, I always did the homework that the tuition teacher gave us, on top of our school work given by teachers in school. I like writing essays and I found I could write in free flow format. Imagine, that time, without using computers, I didn’t even need a draft. I could just write on and on, in the exams to make it a final piece! The teacher in my tuition class was rather impressed with my essays and he would read them to the class, as an example of good writing and told me to keep it up.

Then, I got into Form 4. As usual, during the first few weeks in class, I already aimed to give my teachers a good impression. I wrote with all my heart for the first test in that language for teachers to gauge our standard. I received some 89% for that essay itself, the highest in class. Then, I was called to the front of the class when the teacher finally realized, I am a Chinese. She looked at me in disbelief.

: Ini karangan you tulis kah?

Me: Kalau bukan saya, siapa yang tulis?

She: I masih musykil lah.

Me: Kenapa?

She: Macam mana you boleh tulis karangan begitu baik?

Me: Sebab saya pandai. (HAHAHAHHAHAHHA in my heart)

She didn’t find it amusing.

She: You tiru kah?

Me: Kalau saya tiru, cikgu pergi cari lah contoh karangan ini. Tengok kalau cikgu boleh jumpa.

At this point, she’s pissed off already. And I was even more pissed off because I was accused of cheating!

She: Bawak exercise book! I nak tengok tulisan you!

Me: Ok.

Brought books to her to see.

She: I masih musykil.

Then I got pissed and brought my SRP result to prove I have what it takes.

Me: Cikgu, saya dapat A1 untuk SRP BM lah.

After this, the whole class roared with laughter. The teacher’s face was all red because she embarrassed herself. I suddenly became the heroin in the class for standing up for truth.

The teacher didn’t stop there. She slashed my points to only 50% by claiming not enough content. I was devastated. But from that day onwards, nobody in the class paid attention to her whenever she asked us questions – everyone of us, stood united against her. She would just come to class to teach but nobody would respond to her. We will be doing other work while in her class, Maths, Biology, Physics, etc and nobody paid her any attention. Sometimes, she would make all of us stand up the whole period and only allowed us to sit down if we answered her questions/responding to her questions but nobody answered her. When she called our names one by one, we gave her the standard answer to her question, “Entah lah”. So all of us remaining standing till the 40 minutes were up! So damn cool! I wish all of us have the strong will of 16 year olds who stood united with their friends to face tyranny and injustice.

I went on to score A2 for my Malay in my SPM. The BM teacher was “proud” of me because I was her student, she went about telling other teachers, I was a product of her class. But I totally ignored acknowledging her when I went back to school to collect my SPM results while thanking other teachers in front of her.