Chinese New Year Shopping

I guess the few days off, and a long weekend is good for some serious CNY shopping. Didn’t want to be so disorganized like last year, I actually wrote down a list of things to buy this time. Last year, ever since I learn how to make nian gao (sticky rice cake) from scratch, I had to drive to the bakery shop like 5x to add on ingredients and also packaging.. because one after another, my relatives kept asking me to make them a nice pair of fish! I guess not this year. They must pay! Nothing comes free now! Times are bad! Haha!

Was at Tesco Kepong last Thursday for some CNY shopping. The beeline was unbelievable! And this is probably the first time I see a hypermarket ran out of trolleys. I guess it’s good to just take whatever trolley you might get from the parking lot on your way to the shopping mall because you definitely won’t get any trolleys, standing at the trolley counter! I guess it wasn’t so bad the last time. Even on normal weekends, hypermarkets won’t run out of trolleys.

We bought the usual stuffs for CNY – some groundnuts, butter, flour, sugar, canned food, drinks, etc. We don’t have to  buy nian gao and cookies anymore because I will be baking them. In fact, I took opportunity this long weekend to test run to bake some cookies before CNY – to make sure they are edible! Luckily, Quan Quan, Lok Lok, Sasha and Ern Ern enjoyed the cookies and they even give a few comments to improvise it! Actually, they are very diplomatic.. everything also say very nice. Haha! And the kids enjoy the heart shaped butter cookies the most.. and it’s probably the most difficult to make. It’s difficult to make sure the dough is chill enough for the cookie cutter to slice through. In our tropical climate, I find, we could only slice maximum 10 cookies and we had to put the dough back to the fridge to harden it again! So, I won’t be making butter cookies anymore because of this! The cookie custard taste more or less the same and is much more easier to make. Mom already made her order for salted chocolate cookies. She said, they smell really good and nice to eat. For someone who dislike eating chocolates, I am surprised she said the salted chocolate cookie is nice!

Another 2 weeks to go before we welcome the year of Snake.. I’ve made some plans – when to start making nian gao, fatt gou and cookies.. we are very glad that, this year, we don’t have to clean the house too much because we already did during the renovation and painting of our house. We will just need a few hours to spruce things up before CNY. Hmmph… perhaps it’s time to use some credit card points to redeem the electric cooker to be used as steamboat this CNY…

So, how is your preparation for CNY?

3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Shopping

  1. I haven’t celebrated CNY for a long time. I love some of the food espeically the red sweet sotong. My favourite, but can’t find it in Sydney.

    Is niao gao made from glutinous rice flour?

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