Peri-Peri Goodness

Ever since I got Kim’s recipe on how to make your own peri-peri sauce, I think I’ve tried numerous ways to serve the much loved sauce. I like it so much that I bookmarked the recipe page on my computer, as well as my phone.

Well, you can always do the short cut by buying the bottle of sauce from the supermarket, at about Rm10.90 each but nothing beats making fresh peri-peri sauce on your own! You can check it out on how to make the sauce from Kim’s blog.

I’ve made slight amendments though, to suit my palate. I added a tablespoon of paprika, one whole lemon instead of half and of coz, add more cili padi because I love my peri-peri super hot! The results are amazing! Everybody loves it! Thanks, Kim for this awesome recipe! And it really makes a big difference using red capsicum instead of green ones. Oh, I’ve tried!😀

The sauce is really good to go with any meat that you like. Heck! I think you can even use it as salad dressing! So here are some of the dishes I made and diversify by using just this sauce.

peri chicken thigh

Peri-peri chicken thigh with mashed potatoes and salad

Baked as per Kim’s recipe

peri pork

Fried pork in peri-peri sauce

Marinade overnight and stir fried in vegetable oil

  peri-peri chicken pizza

Peri-peri chicken with capsicums, onions and mushrooms pizza

Marinade overnight and stir fried in little vegetable oil.  Add on chopped capsicum, mushrooms and lastly onions. Lay generously on ready made pizza dough, slightly oiled with olive oil. Add on peri-peri sauce if you like, sprinkled with grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Bake for 8-10 minutes at 220C.

6 thoughts on “Peri-Peri Goodness

  1. WOWWWWW! You never fail to amaze me……. So peri-licious everything looks here! I’ve only taken peri peri sauce with Nandos chicken…… You’ve opened my eyes to the versatility in peri peri alright!

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