Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Just finished making some fatt gous or huat ge, if you prefer. Still using the same old pumpkin recipe! I wish I had gotten a bigger paper cup so that, the huat ge will look more “prosperous”. Haha.

I had a bad attempt in making nin gous on Wednesday night. Perhaps, I was just over confident? The caramelized sugar isn’t up to expectations, sort of dampen the mood to make proper nin gou. So, ended throwing 3 pairs of fish into the dustbin. I find, it’s not because of the “pantang larang” in making nin gou – like, nobody supposed to make noise, there shouldn’t be any disruption when you are making nin gou – even if somebody ring your door bell, you’re screwed… that sort of thing.. but I think it’s more towards your own mood. If you are in a good mood, your nin gous would turn up ok.. otherwise, better not make anything, if you are in a foul mood. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, so probably that’s why it affected my mood. Anyway, never say die! So, I calmed down on Thursday night, laid down on my bed for a few minutes before I went downstairs to start making nin gou. It worked! So… it’s good to keep calm at all times! And also, I discover, it’s best to use the correct proportion of flour to sugar – they must be equal. Then, you would get a good nin gou!

Things were not that smooth in office either. For some reason, my boss mistaken the questions I asked were from me. Actually, most staff wanted to know the affirmative answer to an issue but somehow, the management couldn’t give them black and white answer. So, I was merely conveying a message from the staff but got scolded instead. This is not good! This is probably the first time, I’ve seen my boss this mad – at me. In so many years of working here, he never once chided me for anything. So lesson learned. If colleagues wanted to know anything in future, they can all ask him themselves. Am not going to get myself entangled in this senseless mess! It sort of made me fucking pissed the whole day today but then, I got home.. and I calm myself down. It’s good to keep yourself out of shit which do not stink you!

Hopefully, this is the end of my series of bad luck this week.. and also end of the Dragon year. It wasn’t that smooth sailing year but I guess it’s good that, I am still healthy (I think!) and despite all the arguments, the family is still here for me. I hope to improve on my communication skills though. Also, it breaks my heart a very good friend of mine lost two of the most important persons in her life – her mom and her elder brother. My heart goes out to her in this time of loss. I could only imagine the magnitude of grief. I wish and hope she would stay strong and carry on this precious life. Am sure both her mom and brother are reunited in heaven, and looking down lovingly at her and would guide her through the thick and thin of life.

Well, Chinese new year is just about 24 hours away, so here’s dropping you guys a line to wish you, “Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year of Snake brings you much to laugh about, more to eat and devour, more people and animals to love, more passion in achieving your life’s goals and most importantly, solid good health to enjoy all those things!” Thank you, dear readers for staying this long, to read my blog after all these years!

9 thoughts on “Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  1. Happy Lunar Year, Gina! Just have a few glasses of Tiger with my dad on the reunion dinner! A bit mabok after a hectic day of driving back from Spore ( 11 hours…heavy traffic jam)

  2. Hey there dear friend…… It’s a New Year ahead of us… Let’s look forward to a better things this year ok? Don’t stress yourself out too much…. Perhaps your boss was under pressure that day hence his outburst…… Wishing you and the whole family good health, good wealth and all things nice! GXFC! Wan Shi ru yi!

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