Birthday Wishes

Today marked my 37th birthday. Fuah! So old! Can feel it in my bones, the aging. I have a sudden back pain the past few days. Maybe because I was taking out the curtains and washing them before CNY. Ah… all the complications that come with age. Not too happy about it.

On the bright side.. if there’s one, well, am just going to list my birthday wishes, so that the divine in the universe would help me achieve it.

1. Hope Ern Ern grows up to be good and kind.
2. Pray that everybody who is suffering from any forms of diseases be healed completely!
3. Safety and pleasantness whenever and wherever my family and friends go.
4. Meeting more wonderful people along this life.
5. Ability to solve any problems effectively and with calmness.
6. Love renews for every couple I know! May your love continues to grow each day, everyday.
7. Good health for everybody!
8. When going gets tough, there will always be a helping hand nearby within reach.
9. Old and new friendships continue to forge on.
10. More love and care for stray animals.

I guess the 10 wishes above would be in my prayers regularly from today onwards.

Wishing you people, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Note: It was a wet Thursday.. sunny in the morning, with sudden gloom in the afternoon and heavy rains towards the evening. Just my kind of perfect weather.

10 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Aye aye to all your wishes! Hope you had a good one….. Triple celebration …. Happy New Year…Happy Valentine’s day and Happy Birthday….. It can’t get any better than this!

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