Simple Walnut Cake Recipe


Half of the mixture with chopped walnuts

After a long absence of blog posts, I thought of sharing a recipe of making the simplest walnut cake. I gotten the walnuts and totally forgotten about it! So, since there are also other ingredients ready for baking, I thought, might as well make a walnut cake.


The walnut cake is ready! Never mind the darker brown color. It tasted just fine! Haha!

Yield: Two 9 inches-shallow pan cakes (Half the recipe if you want to make only 1 pan)
Time taken: 45 minutes


250g of butter (unsalted or salted doesn’t matter. Just add half teaspoon of salt if it’s unsalted)
1 cup of caster sugar (add half a cup more if you prefer sweeter cake)
1 ½ cup of plain flour
2 tbsp baking powder
2 eggs
2 tsp of vanilla essence
1 cup of sour cream
200g – 250g of chopped walnuts (Depending on how much you love walnuts!)
4 tbsp of chocolate shavings (I used cooking chocolate and shaved it)


1. Preheat oven at 180C.
2. Cream the butter with sugar, followed by the eggs and vanilla essence.
3. Fold in the sour cream.
4. Sieve the flour together with baking powder, whisk for a bit.
5. Fold in flour mixture into the butter mixture in two batches.
6. Fold in the chocolate shavings.
7. Pour half the mixture into the greased pans in equal portions. Sprinkle chopped walnuts all over it.
8. Pour in the remaining of the mixture into the pans. Sprinkle with remaining chopped walnuts on top.
9. Bake for 20-25 minutes or till a toothpick inserted into it comes out clean.

You will get a fluffy and light walnut cake! The sour cream gives the dairy taste to the cake, moist and dense, as opposed to using milk which would evaporate and cause the cake to dry up.

Happy baking!

2 thoughts on “Simple Walnut Cake Recipe

  1. Oh interesting that you put sour cream in your cake recipe… Does it help the cake rise better? Hmmm.. Do you buy ready made sour cream or did you make your own?

    • I bought the sour cream from Jusco. Rm5.30 per box. Haha. Used the entire box for two cakes. I think should figure out how to make sour cream. It’s expensive here.

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