Evil Spirits

I do not particularly believe in evil spirits but, I guess the past two months’ events had sort of shed some light or darkness, if you prefer, into my perspective.

A friend was renting out her apartment to two ladies for over 2.5 years and they had been great tenants. Paying rental on time, and there was not much issues in dealing with them till this year’s Chinese new year. Her maintenance office called her to inform her that, her two tenants who just came back from CNY holidays suddenly behaved strangely. There was a huge commotion in the house and suddenly, one of the girls ran out from the house and almost got hit by a passing van! Luckily the neighbours managed to save them and keep them safe till the police came. They sent one of them to the hospital – the one that almost got hit by a van. The other girl, has bruises all over her body but she could not recollect what happened to her. A grocer who operates a grocery shop opposite her unit told my friend that, the two girls went berserk and shouting at each other. They looked possessed.

Then, yesterday, the two boys my mom baby sat previously, came crying to our house. Their dad called my mom to ask for permission to send the two to our house. He didn’t sound too good either. We thought it was the normal domestic spat again. But this time, it was even more serious. The two boys bursting into tears and told us, their mom couldn’t recognize them anymore. Apparently, the mom was found hiding under the table in the morning and their dad went to get her out. She didn’t want to come out so the father dragged her out. She was tossing and screaming away. When the two boys approached her to calm her down, she couldn’t recognize them. And asked them, “WHO ARE YOU?” It’s obvious she had been possessed.

In the rainy afternoon yesterday, with dark and gloomy skies, they hired a medium to exorcise the spirit. They found out that it was a spirit of a beheaded woman. She refused to let go of the boys’ mother. I think somehow perseverance paid off. After a few hours of praying, the evil spirit left. The mom regained herself but she couldn’t remember what happened.

This gave me sleepless night. I will definitely say a prayer for her and the boys. Dealing with evil spirits is not a joke. I guess they do exist and we should not take them lightly.

4 thoughts on “Evil Spirits

  1. Gina, wow…interesting story ( real story), I would also like to pray for the boys’ mom and the two lady tenants. Most of the evil spirits won’t go that far unless they are in deep grievances, but again constant pray for protection is the safest solution.

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