We were discussing about how equipped our company’s pantry is and of course, disappointed. Haha. I still remember during my first job – my company had a tea lady who made coffee and milo every 10 am and 3 pm for our coffee breaks and wheeled the cups to us at our cubicle for us to choose! How nice! Then, there’s another company who had a tea lady who made the best Nescafe in town! I think she could even rival the mamak shops! I

In my current company, we only have choice of coffee or tea. Then to add insult to the already measly choice, we are the only ones not having Milo in our pantry. It seems, it stemmed from the wastages or rather pilferage earlier, committed by the ex tea lady. Other colleague mentioned that, some people are simply too wasteful. They will drink one small mug of Milo but, put 5 scoops in it! She even saw people pouring away 1/2 mug of Milo when they couldn’t finish it. And we all at our floor, seething with anger coz we don’t have Milo! Haha.

This discussion sort of jog my memory of a story I read or, someone told me many years ago.

There were two sisters who always like to waste their food. Every time they go out, they would order plenty of food but only ate 10% of them because they said, they were on a diet. Then one of the sisters, died in an accident and was sent to hell. The other surviving sister was heart broken and dreamed of the dead sister one night.

She saw her sister eating and kept eating a whole pile of food, like a few storeys of building high! So, she ran to her sister, crying and asked her, “My dear sis! Why are you eating? And why are you eating such a big pile of food!”

The dead sister was chewing and trying to swallow, with tears streaming down her face. “This is my punishment for wasting food when I was alive! So, I have to pay for this, in my afterlife by eating all the food I wasted!” Then, she kept crying and eating.

The living sister cried even harder and said, “I pity you sister! You still have another huge pile of food to eat!” pointing helplessly to another pile of food next to the pile that the dead sister was eating.

The dead sister looked up, choking on the food and said, “Sis! The other pile is actually waiting for you when you die!”

So kids, it’s not good to waste food!

2 thoughts on “Wastage

  1. as much as its scary i could not stop laughing abt the 2nd pile of food waiting for the living sister…

    since we both did not waste much food so we shd not hv much to eat after death,.. in face we eat so much in this life i scare we have to vomit out all the extra food we ate after we die….lol

    • LOL!! Like this.. I rather waste food now then having to vomit all out and having nothing to eat, afterlife! HAHAHA!

      By the way, it’s not a true story lah. Someone just made it up.

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