A Day at the Bank

I usually don’t go to banks unless I have to. This time, is to collect my supplementary credit card for my sister. The bank did a good job by blocking the card even before we activated it for use. We were waiting for the renewal card and when it came, even before we activated it, they found one online transaction in the US. So, they promptly blocked the card and issued us a replacement card.

We supposed to collect the replacement card in a branch of our choice. I was told to wait a week for it and they will call me as soon as they sent the card to the branch. A week came to past and nobody inform me anything. So I called them up and asked have they sent the card to the branch. They did. So I asked them, why didn’t they call me like they promised? The customer service person just repeated that, the card is already there and asked me to go collect it.

Went to the bank 20 minutes before lunch time is over. It’s already 2.05 pm and it was yet my turn. I am here just to collect my credit card. How hard is that ah? Waited a total 35 minutes just to go to the counter and asked for my card. I prayed they don’t bloody screw up.

The moment I sat at the counter, the guy on the counter shook his head a few times. I didn’t even bother to ask why. Then he just voluntarily told me. The lady just now got her car window smashed.. so she was there to make replacement of cards. I asked him if this is a daily incident? Everyday, there will be victims coming in to replace cards? He shrugged it off and mumbled, “What do you think?” So, I said again – “Every damn day?” He suddenly realized he’s sharing too much so, he said, “Not everyday lah!”

So, he wanted to verify my IC. I passed it to him. He slotted it in the scanner and guess what? The scanner jammed. So much for efficiency. Then he went to manually photocopy my IC as a record. In total, it took me almost 45 minutes just to collect a bloody credit card.

Hope your Friday had been better.

2 thoughts on “A Day at the Bank

  1. I have been having a shitty time at the bank too…. Frankly speaking, foreign banks are over-rated…. No names mentioned but nowadays, as you mentioned before, they seem to have a priority for hiring good looking wall flowers who leave a lot to be desired where competence is concerned…. The last time I was at the bank, I had a lot of problems trying to update an FD instruction …. Felt like a football being kicked from one person to another… SUCKED big time… Spent 1 1/2 hrs there for a simple task….

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