Random Notes

The Boys

LokLok and Quan Quan are back with their mom and dad. I guess the episode of being possessed by ghosts somehow didn’t affect them all that much. Thank God. I heard the mom has gone back to work already.Hopefully, they will be able to find another house to move in soon. The boys even suggested to the father to buy the house behind ours which is currently on sale because they want to be close to my mother. How sweet! These little boys are even more appreciative of what my mom has done for them thansome closer kins, unfortunately.

Election is near

After getting almost 2-3 sms per week on election to seek for support, this time round, the ruling coalition tried cold calling! Can you imagine? Cold calling people to seek for support? I was already pissed at the unsolicited sms and now, cold call? I told the poor lady on the phone not to call me anymore. It’s already against the Data Protection Act 2010 – according to my friend, Ann. So, I probably will quote this the next time they tried calling me again, if they don’t know any better.


I was told by my colleague that some Chinese dailies mentioned there are many youngsters who pledged to cancel their holidays if election were to fall on the dates of their travels. This is a commitment from the youngsters, probably first time voters. I too, was as excited as them! I am supposed to travel to Korea end of this month and if the polling date fall on the dates coincide with my travel, I will also cancel my trip! I feel that, if each and everyone of us is committed to play a part as a responsible citizen to counter injustice, corruption and tyranny.. Malaysia will be in safe hands.

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