Venus vs Mars

I saw rather amusing remarks from colleagues when replying to the HR for the exact same memo concerning their lateness to office.

Reply from a female colleague:-

1. I was late from [date] and [date] due to the major road works nearby my house which caused terrible traffic jam.

2. I was late on [date] because I took a wrong turning into an unfamiliar route when I was frustrated because I was stuck in a jam for over 45 minutes.

3. I was late on [date] because I woke up late as I was feeling a little unwell the night before.

Reply from a male colleague:-

Traffic jam.


3 thoughts on “Venus vs Mars

  1. Response to Venus…

    It is advised that you make an attempt to leave your house earlier before the traffic builds up. This would ensure that the amount of time being stuck in the roadworks stretch is minimized and hence, you would be able to reach the office earlier, if not on time. It really is not wise to attempt to circumvent the problem by trying out unfamiliar routes as it would make matters worse, as you experienced.

    Response to Mars

    No excuse. Leave your house earlier.

  2. LOL! You will make a better HR compared to the one we are having right now.. I was told, the HR dept, before meeting, they are all tasked to sing a song to lift their spirits.. and they sang “Old MacDonald???” LOL!

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