On my way to meet up with friends for dinner just now, I was at the traffic light when I saw a car broke down. Another car was already there, to help jump start the broken down car. And another motorist came down to assist. The owner of the broken down car is an elderly Indian man. The car who stopped to help, is a Chinese gentleman. The guy who got down his motorbike to assist, is a young Malay chap. We don’t need people to teach us what is unity. Unity runs in everyday lives of ordinary Malaysians. Good hearted and good thinking ordinary Malaysians who can and shall do extraordinary things. It’s dirty politics that trying to divide us. But, together, we shall stand united against corruption, tyranny and injustice!

5 thoughts on “Unity

  1. yes 1 Malaysia has long been a norm in our wonderful multiculture society before this shit-eating BN guys were born, Let us remember the battle is not race vs race – it is Rakyat vs BN

  2. If ain’t break then don’t mend it. The politicians now a day tried to break something and then pretend to be a savior to unite the people, they thought we were all borned yesterday

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