Sokcho Now

The temperature is expected to be high of 4 degrees. I think I am under packed. The journey to Sokcho from Seoul is not too bad. Took direct subway from Gimpo airport after flying from Jeju to express bus terminal to catch a three hour bus to Sokcho.

Checked in the House hostel, a quaint hostel in the middle of the small fishing town. The manager, Mr You is very obliging and gave us some 10 minutes briefing of what to eat and to do here. We took a stroll along the harbor area after dinner at this famed local establishment, Wang Sim Ri. Serving Korean BBQ and it’s a buffet dinner, eat all you can at 10,000 won per head. It was worth it, but the help is rather disgruntled looking.

So here are some shots taken around Sokcho area. You can check out my Instagram for live update.


The quaint hostel


The BBQ at Wang Sim Ri

Pretty flowers

2 thoughts on “Sokcho Now

  1. Oh the hostel decor looks quirky and quaint alright….. Just as long as you do not encounter any Korean Norman Bates…😀

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