All Around Jeju-do

24th April 2013, Wednesday

We were advised by the owner of our guesthouse to hire a driver to take us around, since it would save us more time and we would be able to go to more places. It wasn’t cheap to hire a bigger car for the 5 of us. It costs us around 170,000 won for 9 hours. That’s roughly RM500 for 9 hours. Anyway, we went ahead with it, since we only have two full days in Jeju-do, we might as well make the most of it. So these are the places that the driver will take you if you go to the “east” of Jeju. Jeju-do’s places of interests are divided into two – one is towards the east where the coastal roads are, which is more scenic or the west – where you go to places like museums, and also some sight seeing. I didn’t do much homework about Jeju, so I let the rest decide. We decided to go east – the coastal road area. It was indeed a good choice because the coastal area is simply so beautiful! Here are some pics for you guys. I think if you follow my instagram, you would have seen them!

Jeongbang Waterfall – it was said to be the only waterfall that falls direct to the sea

Fresh and juicy strawberries at 5-day interval market

Seopjikoji – Coastal view

On our way to Seongsan Ichulbong

Seongsan Ichulbong, where you get to see a volcano crater and also women divers, looking for oyster

Jeju Stone Park

Toppoki near Seogwipo, where we stayed

I can safely say, I think we covered most of the places. I think the place that I like most is probably Seopjikoji. It has a nice coastal line, kinda reminds me of Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road. The walk up the area is not so challenging, unlike Seongsan Ichulbong – well, we cheated. We didn’t go up the crater. See from pictures enough lah. LOL!

Also, remember to try the cuttle fishes there. They are very fresh, lightly smoked with salt. Most of the places we went were very well maintained and there’s hardly any rubbish around. The toilets are all so clean! Eventhough it’s spring and not supposed to be so cold, it’s best to bring along your jacket because the wind could be very chilly! I can’t imagine if it’s winter!

Try to plan your day by checking the weather forecast. Normally, it’s very accurate. Also, must try the strawberries there. They are sweet and juicy! I think you can ask them if you can pick the strawberries yourself because I think they put some not so fresh ones at the bottom of the box we bought.😦

The locals back at Seogwipo are rather friendly lot. When we asked an elderly ajusi where can we find toppoki, he was talking rather loudly and gestured us to follow him. I think the entire market people knew we were going to have toppoki for dinner. LOL!

All in all, it was a really eventful day. We came back sharp at 6 pm and went out to have a walk around Seogwipo area where we stayed and had some street food.

Hmmm… do you notice most of the places name start with a “S”. I wonder why.

4 thoughts on “All Around Jeju-do

  1. Of a sea of yellow flowers….. Strawberries…… Waterfalls which drop into the ocean……. & stone figures….. I feel like your pics really depict the spirit of the place….. Thanks for this…. It’s a wonderful armchair traveling experience for me…

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