Naminara Republic

28th April 2013, Sunday
Nami Island

We were supposed to walkabout Seoul but then, decided to go to Nami Island on Sunday instead as the weather forecasted rain for Monday. So we switched going about Seoul on Monday and Nami Island on Sunday.

We checked out from Boa Guesthouse and took the subway to Ann’s Guesthouse, which is situated right above Hongik Station 1. I guess many would prefer to stay here due to the fact that, the train to the airport stops here at Hongik. A good choice of stay, I might say.

We took the subway to Sangbong station (reachable via Subway Line 7). Then, change line to another line bound to Gapyeong Station. It will take about 1 hour ++ from Sangbong Station to Gapyeong Station. Once you reach Gapyeong, just walk towards the bus/taxi stand and take a 10-minute cab ride to Nami Island port.

Once we reached there, we looked for a place for lunch. We tried the dak-galbi. It’s a big pan of uncooked chicken, vegetables and potatoes. We need to stir the pan ourselves. Again, we kept our jackets in the bag because the smell might stick to them.

After we finished the hearty lunch, we proceeded to buy our ferry tickets to Nami Island. It is only some 5 minutes ride across the river to get the Nami Island. Once we got there, we were greeted by picturesque scenery. We spent about 3 hours here. It was such a beautiful place. No wonder so many visitors both local and foreign like coming here. I guess it’s good to bring your picnic mat, some food and drinks and plonk your ass under a cherry tree for a nice, relaxing picnic. Seriously, we wish the day would never end.. I want to spend the rest of my life here!

Here are some shots of Nami Island.

Cycling is a good activity here!

So many lovers!

Family day out

Many beautiful trees

After a trip there, we made our way back to Seoul. I guess it’s important to find out the time to go back to Seoul as the train ride took about an hour, so it’s best to go on weekdays to avoid the hiking crowd on weekend. We saw many elderly people in their colorful hiking gears and it put all of us to shame! Koreans lead such a healthy lifestyle. Most of them exercise a lot so it’s really rare to see fat people in Korea!

We ended the night, having dinner at Sindang which is famous for its toppoki. We met up with Patricia who is already working in Korea the past two years. After a short chat over dinner, we headed back to the hostel.

2 thoughts on “Naminara Republic

  1. I’m sold on this island! Indeed it looks like a wonderful trekking place! Your timing is perfect, no? The trees look like they are springing to life… So nice!

    • It’s indeed perfect timing. They said, the winter got too long this time and, spring is short. So, that explains we see only few sakuras but still quite many winter effects. I think it’s really nice.

      It’s just an island. I don’t see any trekking places. But you can walk round and round and round a few times. Haha

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