South Korea – Finale

29th April 2013

We were supposed to go to Jamsil street where the sakuras in full bloom could be seen. Unfortunately, it was raining the entire morning till around 11 am, exactly as the weather forecasted! So, I think the sakura blooms were all over the ground when we visited the place. So we didn’t get to do much on a Monday, we ended it by shopping since we have waited long enough for a shopping spree!

Jamsil stop is just nearby Lotte World and Lotte Mart. So we went to buy some stuff at Lotte Mart before we leave. So we packed on souvenirs for our colleagues and family members from Lotte Mart.

It was still early in the afternoon, so we decided to go back to our hostel with our purchases and take a short rest. It’s so tiring. I guess, since we have been traveling non stop the past one week, we suddenly feel our bodies couldn’t take it anymore. So decided to relax for abit before we continue.

After a short rest, we went out again to Myeongdong. So again, we shopped till night. There’s plenty of shop selling skincare products here. Go wild!

30th April 2013

Momiji leaves

We went to visit Changdeokgung temple in the morning. It was a smaller temple compared to the grander one as we heard that is closed. I am more attracted to the flora and fauna found here. You can see a blend of maple leaves, with gingko and pine trees in one photo. How often can you find such photogenic plants in one shot??

Gingko, momiji and pine leaves!

After visiting Changdeokgung, we made a brief stop and had lunch at Insadong, the so called Art Street in Seoul. It like 798 I visited in Beijing but, with more things to buy and more people. We just soaked in the camaraderie of the people here, eating their street food and of coz, do a little shopping there and then.

View of Namsan tower

Since one of us would be meeting a friend in Gangnam later, the rest of us decided to go to Namsan Tower to kill time. It was clearly a good choice because the moment we were on the hilly slope towards Namsan, we were awed by the many sakura trees! It was like a photo, painted with snow capped trees, which are actually white sakura flowers. The bus stopped at the top and won’t make any stops in between the slope. So, we walked down to the platform overseeing the city. It was so windy and nice. We enjoyed the scenery tremendously.

Place for lovers to hang out

We ended the night nearby Hongdae where we had some really good, less oily fried chicken nuggets and pint of beer. After which, just as when I thought, nothing could top the dramas in all my trips, the engine on the train we got on exploded twice! It was really a night to remember! You can read them here.

This sums up my trip to Seoul-Jeju-Seocho-Seoul. If you ask me, I would definitely visit Seoul again. I love the sights, the night scene, the efficiency, the food, the shopping – eventhough it’s rather expensive except for socks and ear rings. I think many countries should emulate Seoul – it’s highly developed, convenient and rather a safe place to travel. For the first time, I don’t have to worry about my backpack strapped on my back due to pick pockets. I could just walk freely without behaving like some phobic person!

For more photos, click here!

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