So Hot and Hazy

I guess most of us here in Malaysia are choking on haze, no thanks to our “friendly” neighbour, Indonesia. From the rate it’s going, I doubt they could do anything to assist. You see the politicians talking, you know what I mean. Ideas just cracked open from their asses. Sometimes I wonder, did we export our politicians there? Or did we import them from there?

Today, most of my family members just stayed at home from the haze. So, I was playing the game “Pou” with Ern Ern. She bought a bunny suit earlier for the “pet”. So I put on the bunny suit on the “Pou”.”

Ern Ern said, “Don’t put! Don’t put!”

I was puzzled and asked her why?

She replied, “So hot!”

LOL! She even care about the “Pou” the computer game sweating to death.

7 thoughts on “So Hot and Hazy

  1. Wow, girls! That was a fast reply! Haha! Yes, hopefully she stays this sweet and considerate when she grows up.

    Take care also, girls. Drink lotsa water and stay indoors.

  2. Hey Gina, you are in KL, right? I just read that the haze there has taken a turn for the worse (or maybe its old news by now?) Take care!!

    • Yes, MrsAl. Please take care too. You are in Singapore right? The haze got really bad yesterday and today. Hopefully, tomorrow, the rain will come and clean the haze up for good.

  3. Yeah, Singapore. the situation was bad last week especially on Fri but much improved over the weekend and had a good torrential yesterday. did it rain in KL too?

    • Thank God it did rain yesterday and today. Eventhough it’s just a drizzle. At least, better than nothing and it does clear the air a little.

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