Big and Small

Our third and fourth aunts came from Taiping to visit us, for our cousin sister’s graduation from MAS Academy. Yeah.. finally, a beauty from my family. LOL. What a rare gem!

So, while staying over for a few days, the two old aunties had a ball of time baby sitting Ern Ern. She is now 2 years and 10 months old.

4th Aunt: Wah Ern Ern! This is a nice dress! Who bought it for you?

Ern Ern: My mommy.

4th Aunt: From where?

Ern Ern: From Selayang Mall.

4th Aunt: How much is it?

Ern Ern: RM 1.

4th Aunt: Wah! So cheap?? Can I have your dress?

Ern Ern: Cannot.

4th Aunt: Why cannot??

Ern Ern: Ask mommy to buy you another one. You need a BIG dress.

4th Aunt: Hahaha!!

Ern Ern: Yours will be RM2 because it’s bigger.

4th Aunt: *Speechless!*

Hopefully this little peach will grow up to be street smart and good.

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