Short trip to Bangkok

I made a short trip to Bangkok last weekend. It was a nice but not so relaxing trip. There’s been the usual shopping spree. Unfortunately, MBK is no longer my favorite shopping place. Everything seemed to be more expensive this time round. The traders there don’t even want to do your business. They just look at you with their sour faces and trying hard not to roll their eyes when you are choosing your things. Well, fuck them. Am never going to step into MBK… ever again.

Went to Platinum Mall. Didn’t know there are actually two buildings. One with more confusing escalators offers pricier things. So, we gotta go back to the “old” building, where there are more cheaper bargains. They really stick to their wholesale price and you can no longer bargain for more discounts. I think it’s rather fair since if you buy at whole sale, it’s already a lot cheaper.


Maeklong railway station

Things to highlight is probably the trip to Maeklong train market, which is situated some 80km away from Bangkok (about 1.5 hour by car). I guess by going there and witness for yourself how the markets fold up whenever the train is passing through is rather exhilarating! There were rather plentiful of tourists, with their cameras and camcorders all ready for the train. Find it rather amusing as all the Angmohs were standing at the stalls, as if they were manning the counters. The locals are really nice lot. They offer smiles generously even if you don’t buy things from them.


Train coming through!

We managed to buy some dried goods here, as they were way cheaper compared to Bangkok. We could get about a kilo of flavored anchovies snacks at only 75 baht.


Floating market

Then we went to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi, about 30 minutes away from the Maeklong railway market. Well, it’s cliche to the max lah this trip. I didn’t like small boats, especially getting in and out of it since I am such a clumsy person! Luckily I didn’t tip over the boat and fall into the opaque river!


Scorching sun at Ancient Siam!

Lastly, we visited Ancient Siam, about an hour and a half from Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Our driver, unfortunately didn’t buckle his seat belt and got pulled over by the police and was issued a summon of 400 baht on the spot. Rather cheap if you ask me.. compared to our RM100 or RM300.. and if you prefer RM50 duit kopi.


Old barber shop

We could have taken the golf cart if we knew the way but decided against it and hopped on the tram instead. The guide spoke mainly in Thai but since there were more foreigners, she tried her best to speak in her halting English. We asked questions and she managed to answer us in her limited English.

However, the trip was sort of marred by this family of five, parents with three young children. Since the boys were rather boisterous, the father got really irritated and kept shouting at the children, while the mother was all being patient with them. The father kept scolding the two boys for dropping the camera and walking to and fro the tram or even played with the garbage bin. He even scolded his wife. I think our tour guide got a little fed up with them and asked them, “This one monkey or children?” HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. That shut the dad up real good. Even the kids seemed to be behaving after the remark in broken English. I think I laughed really loud when she made the remark. LOL!

This is probably the first time I took BTS train all the way around Bangkok. I hardly took the train whenever I am in Bangkok but this time round, I did so in order to save some traveling time – since BKK is the biggest parking lot due to the terrible jams.. and also to avoid bumping into aggressive tuk tuks which took you for a ride to get their petrol allowances. Haha. I still remember wasting almost 45 minutes going from shops to shops before reaching our intended destination which is just 10 minutes away.



Ah! There’s this new shopping place as well by the river – Asiatique. It’s a really nice, charming place. I find the industrial design of the place made it sort of unique. It’s rather popular even with the locals. Since Suan Lum night market has been closed some years ago, they decided to bring it back. So, they have it here at Asiatique. To get there, just take the BTS to Saphan Thaksin and take the free ferry. There will be touts asking you to pay 20 baht to skip the queue, which took us almost 30 minutes just waiting for a ferry. Anyway, since we have time, we just waited like the rest of the people to get on the ferry.

We managed to meet up with friends in Bangkok. It was really pleasant to meet friends from Singapore and Hong Kong too. So happened, they made a trip there and we found out we were going to Bangkok at the same time, so arranged for a dinner meet! What a small world! What a coincidence!

All in all, it was a good trip, with good food and bonding time. For more photos, check out my instagram!

4 thoughts on “Short trip to Bangkok

  1. The Maeklong train market Is phenomenal! Talk about perfectly timed coordination between market and train…. Your blog inspired me to google it and I found out it it runs 7 times a day, 7 days a week through this market….. Truly Amazing Thailand indeed… thanks for this….

  2. Maeklong is just a small town with a market located on the railway track. It was quite fun to watch. But most we could do is see it going through market twice within timespan of 30 minutes. Once, train would come from BKK then stop at Maeklong station. Then, about 30 minutes interval, the train would move again opposite direction back to BKK.

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