Rude Telemarketeers

Sometimes it’s amazing how a bad reputation company can last this long!

There is a well known “event management” company which keeps offering rather attractive courses and seminars. However, upon background checks on Google, we found out that this company has a rather notorious reputation. Some courses do not have the trainers as promised, some times cancelling courses last minute without refund, some even fake the name of the company because the real name of the company has been tarnished beyond help.

Recently, again, they started making cold calls to invite people to participate in their “project”. There was one invitation to visit some places of work related to our industry. This person has been calling the past two weeks and I didn’t manage to put him through simply because my boss is not in. How to detect the person is from this F*CKUP company? The person will keep INSISTING to speak to your boss DIRECTLY on URGENT matters. This is their “trademark”. Pushy, rude and arrogant piece of shit (PRAPOS).

PRAPOS: Hello. I am Sam from XYZ (not the real company’s name!). Can I speak to Mr So-and-So?

Me: I am sorry but he’s not in. Would you like to leave a message?

PRAPOS: I have to talk to him. This is URGENT!

Me: But he’s not in. What is it that is so urgent? (Annoyed and pissed)

PRAPOS: I need to speak to him PERSONALLY on URGENT project matters.

Me: *Roll eyes* He is NOT IN! (which part of English don’t you understand??)

PRAPOS: Can you give me his mobile number? So I can call him directly.

Me: I am sorry but I couldn’t give you his mobile number.


Me: Why don’t you drop him an e-mail to tell us what do you want?

PRAPOS: No. I need to speak to him PERSONALLY. Give me his handphone number.

Me: NO.

PRAPOS: What time he will be in office?

Me: After lunch, about 2 pm.


Me: ……. (does it look like my fucking problem?)

PRAPOS: OK. I will call back then. *Click*

At 4 pm

PRAPOS: Mr So-and-So?

Me: He has left office.


Me: Yes. At 2 pm. But he left.


Me: NO.

PRAPOS: HOW to get hold of him then?

Me: I told you to drop him an e-mail but you refused.


Me: It’s up to you.


This shit went on and on for almost 2 weeks, I received phone calls from the SAME person but with variety of names and even company names had been changed during the NUMEROUS phone calls. He must have taken me as an idiot who cannot recognize his voice.

Until yesterday, I managed to pass him through to my boss since he dropped a BIG name – our business partner. I told my boss – This guy is very INSISTENT to speak to you. He said business partner ask him to call us.

I overheard my boss being annoyed by the person. “YES YES. you drop me and e-mail first… NO NO… no, you write to me, then will let management decide. Yes… please write to……. yes… NO NO. Write first. THEN YOU WAIT. Please liaise with my secretary after you e-mail… Thanks.”

I could see he’s visibly annoyed.

Just now, Sam aka Shah aka Seth aka Samuel aka Samson from XYZ aka ABC aka GFA aka STFU aka OMFG company called again.

PRAPOS: I managed to speak to your boss yesterday and he told me to liaise with you. So I am checking if his e-mail address is so-and-so.

Me: Yes.

PRAPOS: Ok. Before I e-mail, can I get his direct line/mobile number?

Me: You can call this number you are calling now.

PRAPOS: Give me his mobile number so I can check with him if he received my e-mail.

Me: (@#$%^&* how fucking stupid one can get?) You haven’t heard of something called return receipt? You can request for a return receipt when you sent an e-mail.


Me: He is contactable via his e-mail. He CAN SEE your e-mail.

PRAPOS: Ok. I will call back later to check.

10 minutes later

PRAPOS: Did he receive my e-mail?

Me: (Is this a matter between LIFE and DEATH??? PLEASE HELP ME GOD!) Yes, he has received (I didn’t know actually but just want to brush him off).


Me: YES, I CONFIRM (I will check later).

I went to check with boss if he received the “love” e-mail.

Boss: Yes. These people are too much! Names dropping! Go and tell me this is organized by Government agency. Halo? If it’s done by gomen ah, the gomen ppl will come find me lah. Why must go through him! Too much!

Me: Ok. So, I will tell him we are not interested.

Boss: Why do you even pass me the call yesterday? He’s so annoying!

Me: I’ve been stalling him over 2 weeks already boss. But since he’s so insistent, I just let him speak to you and also he drop names of our JV partner? What if it’s true?

Awhile later.. PRAPOS called again.

I gave him his own dose of poison pill.

PRAPOS: Is Mr So-and-so in?

Me: I am sorry but no (but he’s in. LOL).

PRAPOS: BUT YOU TOLD ME HE WOULD BE IN? (I probably heard this same shit for over 50x now the past two weeks)

Me: I have spoken to him concerning whatever e-mail you sent him earlier. WE ARE NOT INTERESTED.

PRAPOS: May I know why?

Me: Well, because you are a piece of shit, that’s why. You don’t even remember where you are working! Heck! You don’t even remember your own name! And you expect us to take your service. F*CK YOU!

Of course I didn’t say that. I wish I could.

Me: Oh. We will liaise directly with the government agency you mentioned. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Rude Telemarketeers

  1. Your encounters with telemarketers really cracks me up all the time. Wonder how u can tahan, I would have feel like shouting “idiot” to the guy already…hahaha…beh tahan.

  2. sometimes i really wonder why would anyone wanna work as a telemarketeer. it’s the shittiest job in the world. but i guess some jerk ppl are just the right fit for such jobs lar…

  3. Ahahaha…. Obviously this guy always drops names to bully secretaries (esp junior ones) to submission…. Well looks like he’s met his match here!😀

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