Random Notes

Readers of this Blog

I am very surprised there are still 29 people subscribing to this blog (one is myself. LOL!) and I don’t think my own friends – except a few of them are still reading this blog. Haha. Thanks for reading for so many years of my nonsense. Haha. If you notice, I’ve mellowed down way way too much from the beginning of my blogging adventure.

I guess one need to be extra careful when posting comments online nowadays. You will never know what is sensitive now. Everybody seemed to have lost all their sense of humour and priority (and common sense!) Sometimes, I think I should just close down this blog forever. But, I still look for information here myself, at times. That is why now, you don’t see me whine or bitch much anymore.. and write mostly on travels – for future reference (for myself). It doesn’t matter anyway, since there are only 28 of you reading. Haha.

Hantu Toilet

This morning, one of the toilet in the ladies’ washroom in office was broken. Water everywhere. So, they got the handy man to fix it. After it was fixed, I went to use the toilet – then found out, another toilet’s turn to be broken. But this time, the middle toilet automatically flush by itself. I thought it was hilarious at first and wanted to snap a video of it but then, my hands froze. I thought it was really creepy because it has no sensor and it’s a purely mechanical pump directly connected to the pipe…so how on earth would it auto flush by itself? I quickly did whatever I supposed to do in the toilet and rushed out and called the plumber. Speaking of this gave me goosebumps! Now is the Chinese seventh month!

Loud Mouth

I guess we all have that particular friend that talks too loudly for our liking and embarrass the shit out of us. Nowadays, I am having lunch in office to control my portion intake. So, I was one of the people to occupy the cramped pantry now. Since one of our colleagues who usually have lunch outside the office had an argument with a shop she frequented, she no longer has place to go. So she joins our lunch meet.

Most of us dislike her because she tends to blow things out of proportion and highly imaginative. We never believe in anything she says. And now, I experienced it because she simply couldn’t wait to give a piece of her thoughts whenever we speak. And she speaks really LOUDLY. Very LOUD! None of us have hearing problem so we sort of got very annoyed every time she talks. I think tomorrow if she goes above the irritating decibels again, I will ask her to tone it down or get out from the pantry.

10 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Proud to be part of the 28 peeps still loyal to your blog! A nice cozy number… Thanks for sharing your thoughts, insights and toilet adventures (scares) with us… Always a pleasure my friend!

  2. Stumbled upon your blog about a year ago. Please continue writing and entertain me leh!! I love your stories. Thanks in advance!

  3. Gina, I may be new to you but I have enjoyed reading your blog with all those funny and juicy stories since two years ago when I stumbled upon your blog. Pls continue and do not close your blog.

    • That is very nice to know! At least there is a shout out here.. otherwise, I would think I am talking to myself in this blog. Hahahhaa. Thanks for reading!

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