Thoughts After A Weekend in Singapore

I was away in Singapore for the long Raya weekend. Managed to snag a good deal on flights and off we went. I sort of forgotten that, the long weekend of Raya coincide with Singapore’s national day. Only when I got to my friend’s house, I realized it’s National Day. Singaporeans are really patriotic lot. I heard you have to put your name for balloting if you wish to join the National Day parade! A cab driver once told my friend that, he has tried for 10 years and somehow didn’t get pick! So most of them spent time glued to the TV to watch the entire National Parade and stuffs. And after that, the next day, I joined my friend’s family members for lunch and they were all talking about the National Day parade! So much sense of pride in every Singaporean!

I wish I could say the same for myself. When I was little, I would wake up early and wait for the Merdeka parade on TV with my family. We always look forward to watch the parade on TV as we were in Taiping then. We always look forward towards the marching of the army – Angkatan Tentera Malaysia as my dad was an army back then. I couldn’t remember if he did join the national parade though.

Now, as I grow older, I couldn’t be bothered to go to Merdeka Square. Not that I am NOT patriotic. I think patriotism is not measured by how many times you attend the national parade. Or how you could recite the pledge to the country by heart or how well you sing the national anthem.

I think patriotism is doing my part for the country, by paying taxes to build the country. Helping fellow brothers and sisters in the country who are in need. By being mindful of your actions and words as they do reflect your principles and what you believe in. Going the distance to contribute in whatever way we can to give back to the society.

With the escalating crimes to the point of alarming state, ridiculous insensitivity and overly insensitivity over minute things, lack of tolerance, lack of respects and understanding are eating into our society. I know the authorities are trying their “best” to tackle the issues but their best simply couldn’t cut it anymore. I think we need to demand for extraordinary measures in such trying times. There is no use of political parties paying lip services to the people when they couldn’t do what they say or promise. What use is there with the finger pointing the obvious while everyone is just crossing their arms doing nothing when a fellow brother or sister is crying for help? I wish the so called politicians and authorities would stop putting the blame on everyone and everything but themselves and get their asses to find solutions immediately!

I long for the day I could walk out from my house and join the Merdeka Parade or other festivities without having to keep looking over my shoulder for imminent danger. I long for the day I would be more than happy to invite my foreign friends to our beautiful country without constantly worrying for their safety while they are traveling here.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts After A Weekend in Singapore

  1. Hmm…. Aug 31st seems like just another excuse for a holiday actually…. No worries…. We don’t go to Merdeka Square on this day either…., but we DID for Bersih though 😀

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