Funny Moments

Yes. I am writing about my niece again. Ern Ern. Who would have thought, a little baby born with soft palate cleft would be this chatty? I thank God everyday that her surgery went on well and with the rate she’s going, I doubt she would need speech theraphy when she reaches three years old this September.


God pa: Ern Ern, where do you want to go? (In Mandarin)

Ern Ern: Tesco shopping.

God pa: Do you know the way there?

Ern Ern: You are the one driving. You should know the way. (Mandarin: Ni chia che, ni tai lu lah!)

God pa:…… *speechless*

Wash hands

I was having late breakfast with Ern Ern in the kitchen when my mom told me in hokkien, “Boh chui liao!” (Meaning: No water. There’s a water cut)

Ern Ern: No water then how to wash hands?

Mom: Lol! She understands Hokkien also?

Ern Ern: Mei you sui, zhen yang si sou? (Speaking Mandarin to my mom in case she doesn’t understand English.)

Me: LOL!

Ern Ern: Boh chui liao…. sehhh… sehhh… chiu?

Me: Boh chui liao. An chua seh chiu!

Ern Ern: Boh chui liao, an jua seh chiu?

Me: Good girl!

Ern Ern, the multi-lingual and soon… multi-dialect speaker.


Ern Ern: Mommy! Please scratch my back. Itchy.

Mommy helped to rub her back to avoid abrasion on her soft skin.

Ern Ern: No no. Not like this. I want crabby! (Showed claw with her little fingers)

*She meant claws of a crab. LOL!

Children really say the darnest things!

4 thoughts on “Funny Moments

  1. Hmmmm… Wonder if Ern Ern’s cheekiness is a replication of you and your sister’s antics when you were both younger?? 🙂

      • Ahahahaha… At least you only ate boogers… A friend of mine dared her brother to eat his own shit when they were kids and he actually did it…. The only trouble was they were caught doing it by their MUm and kena betul betul!

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