Cerita Hantu

Since we are now observing the Hungry Ghost festival, I have a few ghost stories to be told.

Toilet Ghost

A friend of mine works in a call centre. So, most of her staff are on shifts. One night, her colleague was working the night shift when she went to the toilet to answer nature call. On her way into the toilet, she felt a sudden chilly wind. She ignored it and went to the second cubicle. When she was about to close the door, she saw a reflection on the mirror of the cubicle next to her. It belongs to a lady with her hair covering her entire face and all dressed in white. Since she was in need to answer nature’s call.. she ignored the reflection and actually went through it all, including washing her hands before she calmly walked out the toilet. I think if this were to happen to me, I would probably shit in my pants.

Cow’s Head and Horse Face

I am not sure if I had told you people about this story but it’s shit scary, so it’s worth to repeat. Haha

A friend was visiting another friend within the same neighbourhood. As it was getting late, almost 10 pm, she quickly bid farewell and rode her bicycle in a hurry to get back home when she passed by a huge tree in the playground. She saw two black figures standing under the tree. So she slowed down to look who they were (mind you, this happened a few years ago when our crime rates were still not this bad). She thought she saw the two in cow’s mask and horse mask standing and drinking from bottles. She was in shock and sped home. The next day, she was down with terrible fever which lasted almost 2 weeks. And she found out that, the neighbour’s old grandmother who happened to live opposite the tree in the playground had passed away the day after her encounter with the two figurines. Then she realized what she saw – she saw the hell’s gatekeepers… Mr Cow Head and Mr Horse Face.

Moving Car

A colleague shared with me, a neighbour’s car suddenly moved backwards and stopped at the front porch of a neighbour down the lane. There was nobody driving the car. So she called on the neighbour to ask him, why didn’t he pull his hand brake properly? The neighbour scratched his head and said, he remember very well that he did pull the hand brake. Also, the lane where they lived, is a flat lane. So, they doubt the car would just back itself if they don’t pull the hand brake. The neighbour then went to collect his car at the back of the lane and drove it back to the front of his house.

So my colleague went back to her house, going on with her business when her maid suddenly said to her, “I saw a lady driving our neighbour’s car down the lane. Don’t know what was she doing!” My colleague was shocked because both she and her maid were packing things from their car when they saw the car backed to the end of the lane. So, my colleague knew what her maid just saw. And it was only about 6 pm that day when this happened…

4 thoughts on “Cerita Hantu

    • Ah? I didn’t know you are also afraid of ghosts… I have a few more series to go after this one… maybe kena stay out of this blog for awhile. LOL. Not scary lah… more like stories of black magic.

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