I think we are really living in highly competitive times.. especially for children.

It all started two months ago when Ern Ern’s classmate decided to throw a birthday party in their kindie. Khyra’s parents decided to have Khyra’s party themed Hello Kitty. So everything was done with Hello Kitty – they have a Hello Kitty cake, party hats, balloons and even gift packs. Everybody was happy and now everybody wants to throw birthday party in class.

Two days ago, Kavendash had his party too in class. His parents even hired Mr Chickie – KFC’s Rooster mascot to come to the kindie to entertain the children! And gave the children toys and kiddie’s meals from KFC!

I told my sister, maybe your husband could dressed up as a clown and do some magic tricks or balloon art, to entertain the children. Otherwise, we will never be able to keep up! *Competitive aunt on the loose!*

Come September 12, Ern Ern will also be having a party in school. She chose “Dora the Explorer” theme. I think we will just stick to Dora cupcakes and goodie bags. I was silently thinking to myself, perhaps I could don a wig, wear a pink t shirt, shorts and carry a knapsack with a map, dress up as Dora… but I couldn’t bring myself to blurt this out of my mouth… I would probably give the children nightmares! LOL!

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