Is It Your Hair?

My hairstyles have many stories that I think they are enough to be compiled into a joke book. Yes. My hairstyle is really terrible.. not till the extend of late Kim Jung Il lah.. touch wood!

Style #1 Messy

A few nights ago, before Ern Ern went to bed, she suddenly blurted to her mother.

“Mommy! I want to comb Yi Yi’s hair!” she said.

“Why?” her mom was surprised.

“Because her hair is very messy!” she explained.

Man.. this came from a little girl turning three years old in two weeks’ time, saying my hair is very messy. Children these days are very observant.

Style #2 Superman

Friends: Wah! New hair style ah?

Me: No… what new hair style?

Friends: You have the S fringe, like Superman’s!

Me: I didn’t even need to do anything. It’s there every time I wake up in the morning. I am trying to straighten it but it kept curling up. It’s as if pubic hair is growing on my head!


Style #3 Lion King

There was once, I had sort of long hair and everytime I wake up in the morning, I looked like a lion and that always sent my housemates laughing. I was in college then.

Style #4 Benzene Ring

If you take Chemistry class, you will know how it looks like. It’s the shape of a hexagon from the back. So my college mates started nicknamed me “Benzene” when I was in college. Luckily, I am not Ah Lian enough to name myself “Benzene Cheng”. LOL

Style #5 Out of Bed Look

I was entering the office lobby when I saw a colleague gawking at me. I suddenly realized I forgot to comb my hair that morning (it happens… not too few times). Then I blurted at her, “Eh! I lupa sikat rambut pagi ni!”

She burst out laughing. “I tak tahu pun kalo you tak bagi tau I! Kelakar lah you!”

Wow.. didn’t know my out of bed look is so “effortless”.

Style #6 Leng Chai

Many people mistaken me for a boy when I was in secondary school. Heck. I was walking with my cousin sister in pasar malam and everybody asked her if I am her new boyfriend. She got a shock and laughed all the way home. Cilakak.

To avoid confusion…. I decided to keep a pony tail when I was in college. I was at the makan shop when a voice from behind me asked, “Leng chai! What do you want to drink?”

/fail max.

Even with long hair, people still think I am a guy!

Style #7 Judi Dench

Well, I am glad to say, at least in my lifetime, I still have an awesome hair cut.. but only once. That also, the hair cut was done by my aunt. But she was in a hurry to play mahjong.. so she did my hair in 10 minutes tops… I just wanted it short.. and I got Judi Dench style. But of coz the black version lah.. hair not that white yet. Now, the fat on my face has grown like 10x, so I don’t think I can wear that hair any longer. Actually, my aunt couldn’t recreate that hairstyle. Sigh.

Style #8 Tired Hair

This morning, the tea lady said to me,

Tea lady: You look very tired today. Are you sick?

Me: Is it? Maybe lack of sleep lah.

Tea lady: Is it your hair? It’s very long.


I am not sure what she meant by that… but there’s a very strong indication in her words that I need to cut my hair.. asap.

4 thoughts on “Is It Your Hair?

  1. I know the feeling… Some people, when their hair grows long, it looks glam…but I have the same problem as you… When it grows long, you hear comments like you look tired, messy…….

  2. I’ve got durian hair most days when I wake up. Stubborn and thick. And thick not only in the volume of hair, but the girth of the hair as well. Ah well, at least I’ve still got hair. Lots of it some more.

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