Random Notes

Sexual Harassment

The other day I noticed that one of our young colleagues is turning into a “beefcake”. He was very skinny when he first joined the company but now, he’s all beef up. So this sent the girls in office swooning over him. Well, more like old ladies. Haha. Most of the staff here are senior people except for new comers like this young chap. So, his boss, a lady, was gushing over his new built and told me, to try pinching his biceps. OMG. I just open my eyes in bewilderment and asked her, is this even appropriate??? She told me, if someone working out so hard to build those muscles, meaning they want attention. So, there’s no harm giving him attention. We could ogle at him and touch him if we want to, if not wasted! Walao eh… I wonder if this constitute sexual harassment??


These days it’s raining almost daily. I love the rain. I thank God I don’t have to work in the city centre and get stuck in terrible traffic jams that the rain brings. Also, I think it’s good because the forest fire situation still do not improve in Sumatera yet. I hope rain would go there as well to douse the forest fire once and for all. Also, with the constant rain, our “beloved” water supplier do not have lame excuse of not having enough water to provide to the people. I smell something fishy going on with the “accidental” oil spillage incident the other day. I couldn’t understand why nobody could take constructive criticism. They just have to get back at us – the consumers and yes, their customers as well as honest paying tax payors. Don’t these people believe in the afterlife?


I used to suffer insomnia when I was in school. I think academic proved to be more stressful than work. When I was taking my final paper for my professional exams, I swore that I would never ever try to take any more courses because I simply hate exams and they give me sleepless nights!

After years of blissful sleep, I suddenly had bouts of insomnia again last night. Worries and things that made me pissed all came flooding into my mind. I got a little emotional but like any other “life soldiers”, I gritted my teeth and stopped myself from succumbing into the emotion. I went to do some light reading for another hour and tried to sleep again. Hopefully tonight, I could get back to my old routine.

2 thoughts on “Random Notes

    • Haha. Beefy stud is very small sized guy but he looked toned up now, compared to his usual skinny self. No picture lah. If he is very handsome, I sure take photo with him. Haha

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