Of Elephants and Meteorites

It is year 2042. The world is surrounded in water mass. There’s sparse land. Humans are made to live like nomads. As and when water beginning to deepen, they would have to move their houses on the back of the elephants to shallower waters. At times, the flood got so bad that elephants have to be chained together, hoping with their sheer weight alone, could assist to avoid from being swept away.

To add to the sufferings by the people, there’s also a threat of meteorites. They are coming in contact with earth numerous times and caused so much catastrophe. If you ask me, it’s all human’s doing – for not respecting Mother Earth as they should have.

There is a mission to go to the meteorites and blast them out before they hit the earth. I am summoned to be in one of the mission. Other groups have blasted their assigned meteorites and safely arrived back to earth, with the exception of my group. At the very last minute, the bomb decided to malfunction and we have to manually activate it. I couldn’t leave my partner alone in doing that, so I volunteered to stay with him till the bomb is activated and made a run to our space ship.

We are already in the space ship and the bomb behind us detonated. We could feel the heat of the bomb right behind us, even when we were in our space ship, on the race back to earth. Since our coordination of the space ship got altered due to the impact of the blast, we braced for a rough entrance into the earth’s ozone layer. It isn’t too bad as the earth ozone layer had thinned over the years, so we landed less tumultuously into the vast sea of blue.

Then there is a sudden breeze. A really cold breeze. I feel like going to the toilet. Then, I woke up.

Must be because of the anti histamine pills I am taking before sleep, due to some allergies to food. Oh boy! I woke up even more tired than before I go to bed.

4 thoughts on “Of Elephants and Meteorites

  1. Muahahahaha…. Tripping from anti histamines? I wonder which is worse… Waking up tired out after a bizarre dream or suffering from straight up insomnia (as per your previous post) … Do tell!🙂

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