Can You See Clearly?

My colleague called me asking for help. Apparently her boss scolded her because he couldn’t read the sms she sent him and complaining that the fonts were too small. So she asked me if I could help.

So I asked her to go to setting in the phone, then go to font setting – and set it to HUGE. So in future, all shit sms or whatsapp or text or what-not would be HUGE ass.

30 seconds later, I received an sms from her saying, “Haha. So how now? Can you see clearly?”

Adoi…. mangkok ayun..

I called her to tell her – she should set the font in her boss’ phone.. and not her own phone .. wah lao eh... Can die laughing. *Tears*

9 thoughts on “Can You See Clearly?

  1. first of all, the boss also mangkuk lar. scold her for his own bad eyesight? and his own stupidity for not knowing how to set the font on his phone? hmm… so i guess sama-sama mangkuk lar!

  2. ROTFL….. Looks like when you explain stuff to her in future you have to ‘wak gong zai, wak chut cheong’ (as the Cantonese saying goes)…. Translation, when you draw a figure, you have to draw the intestines even……:D

  3. I am not a mobile person. Always on desktop. Those smart phones are just too small to type even these days they have “qwerty” keypad. When it comes to sms, I always sigh haha!

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