I was telling a friend that, I think I’ve found my doppelganger. Unfortunately, I cannot share the photo here as I couldn’t locate the source that contain it. So, I think I will just keep it for my own record. Haha.

My friend said, it seems that all of us have seven persons who look like us in this world. So far, I’ve found two and both of them are men! One photo was sent to me from Datin when he saw my doppelganger getting married and thought the guy in tuxedo was me. And honestly, the guy indeed look like me! Another doppelganger was found when I was surfing for photos at Sipadan and I stumbled upon a guy’s blog on his trip to Sipadan and the guy indeed look like me! And boy! I think his man boobs are bigger than mine! Haha!

Also, I think in Beijing, someone mistaken me as Han Hong. The talented singer/song writer from China. The stocky lady in thick rim glasses and fancy colored suits, who was/is (still) a judge in the popular program “The Voice” (China version)?

So, that makes three!

Have you found your doppelganger(s)?

5 thoughts on “Doppelganger

  1. …so now all you need to get is a pair of thick rimmed glasses and fancy colored suits….. And I think you’re set!

    Hmmm… I don’t seem to have any luck with locating my doppelgangers…..

    • Yes… probably can get myself into the judge’s room too.. and can even judge at China’s “The Voice”. I don’t understand a lot of things watching the videos but the participants are super talented!!!

      I will be on a lookout for your doppelganger!

  2. hi,
    Been following your blog for years now..i live overseas but love ur little life stories (especially those revolving ur workplace and workmates! haha!) Anyways, I’ll be in KL the week after..wondering whether u’d be free for a catchup? Would love to meet the person behind the blog stories.:)

    • Hi hcpen! Nice to hear from you again! Ya, hopefully Sydney treats you better than this country.

      You also say many years.. am already contemplating to stop writing but sometimes, I just need an outlet to bitch! Haha!

      I think there is a few people who also said wanting to meet up with me for years but we never seem to go about it. Haha. Let me write you an e-mail.

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