Good Manners

Recently, my office had a short trip to Hat Yai. So, the 39 of us went to spend a few days together to shop, eat and be merry. Well, I doubt the last part, be merry as some people are really assholes. Well, we can choose our friends but we definitely can’t choose our colleagues!

As all of us were traveling together on a bus, it’s kinda inevitable that we had to help each other out. When we reached the hotel, we were all waiting for our luggage to be brought down from the bus luggage compartment. Guess what? All the dungus standing near the bus and didn’t even lift a finger to help with the luggage. I know you are waiting for your OWN luggage but I think it won’t hurt if you help the poor luggage handling guy to move luggage out of his way, so he could get more luggage down from the bus! It’s really ridiculous to even have to TELL them to move their butts. It’s amazing that our office need to send us to “team building” seminars and none of them even bloody learn from them! I probably would need to suggest to the management to stop all these nonsense trainings and save money because no one ever benefit from these!

After the trip – it was quite enjoyable sans the idiotic assholes who think too highly of themselves. Trying not to think about them. Then, it was time to share photos taken during the trip. As usual, I would do my duty to share photos with the rest. I sent out an e-mail to everyone to inform them that I have shared photos (of them also!) in our server. So, when they are free they could have a look. I waited and waited… three days.. then a week later, not even a word of thank yous from any of these assholes. Hahahhah. They probably think it’s their birth right to get all the photos from me without even saying thank yous.

I think good manners indeed have flown out the window. I guess not only the “team building” conferences don’t work….. even their parents don’t teach them manners. I am quite alarmed that some of them ARE parents themselves. Sigh.. good luck, world!

2 thoughts on “Good Manners

    • Some more got next time meh??? Haha! I will avoid taking their photos at all costs!

      There was once, I was taking photos of a group of colleagues when suddenly one idiot barged in with her son. We didn’t even like her, Luckily she stood at the end corner so, I just conveniently cropped her out from the photo. LOL!!

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